Behind The Scenes with Carmelo Anthony

Well, Tristin and Tyler have met a lot of celebrities and they've all been great, but having the opportunity to met Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks thanks to Kids Foot Locker was beyond awesome!

T & T went behind-the-scenes of Carmelo's latest commercial for Kids Foot Locker to ask him a few questions. Tyler really made Carmelo laugh, and being able to make Carmelo chuckle was all

Tyler needed to let his personality really shine! Check out Tyler's skills in this one, he rocked!  Tristin was so shy he just stared from afar! LOL!!

Check out the video below, make sure to check out the Carmelo's new commercial on TV and PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO and COMMENT ON YOUTUBE!!!!




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    What an awesome interview and experience for the boys. I’m happy my favorite interviewers got the scoop on Melo’s new kids sneaker line. Tristin and Tyler rocked the interview.

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