Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin + Tyler Featured On: Food Network's CHOPPED JUNIOR

YAY!! So excited to finally announce that Tyler will be on Food Network's Chopped Junior! In the episode, Tyler is competing against three other kid chefs for a chance to win $10,000 and become the first ever kid judge on Chopped Junior! Tyler will have to use ingredients found in a mystery basket and make a burger-inspired appetizer, main course and dessert for the judges to try and critique!  Want to see Tyler get busy in the kitchen and see how he stacks up against other kid chefs? You've gotta watch the episode!

The episode airs Wednesday, March 8 at 8|7c on Food Network!! Let us know you are watching and use #CHOPPEDJUNIOR #TRISTINANDTYLER on social media!


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Left to Right: CHEFS: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag

Left to Right: CHEFS: Marc Murphy, Alex Guarnaschelli, Ted Allen and Amanda Freitag

Sneaker Lover: Jordan 6 Retro All Star

JACKET + DENIM: Zara   SHIRT: Gap Kids   SNEAKERS: Kids Foot Locker

JACKET + DENIM: Zara   SHIRT: Gap Kids   SNEAKERS: Kids Foot Locker

You may have noticed that in addition to styling the boys' clothing, I'm starting to really get into sneakers. Yep, you'll see a lot more features on the latest and greatest "kicks" that everyone is going crazy about in the sneaker world.  For this shoot it was nice that Tristin didn't have to wear a big coat -- the weather was amazing this weekend -- and I loved to mix and match textures with the jacket, denim and plaid shirt.

When I was in high school I remember how important the right sneaker was, and now that craze it TOTALLY back.  This week it's all about the hottest kicks for us! First up, check out these Jorden 6 Retro All Stars! They just came out last Friday. When they hit the light it's kind of two-toned which I love.  Yes, a little expensive ($180) for younger kids, but for an older kid who is going to work hard not to mess them up (like my boyz), it's a good investment as Jordans generally last a long time (just go a half size bigger so they grow into it!).

Are you into sneakers? What about your kids? Check out more images below and let us know what you think of these and the outfit!

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All images + styling by Tiffany Casanova

Fall in Love: Valentine's Day with H&M

It's almost Valentines Day and although the boys are never really into it, I'm always ALL about it so I always try and partner with a fun brand for a VDAY-themed photo shoot. This time I wanted outfits that speak to each kids' personalities -- and that brand has to have stylish and durable pieces. So H&M was the perfect choice!

We brought in our friend Zia and little cousin Madison to model with the boys for this one. Love that H&M has started creating really great suiting (Tris loves it) and trendy plaids for boys (Tyler loves plaid and the longer shirt length - so trendy), and I can never get enough faux animal print + florals for girls!

What are your favorite trends for guys and gals? Do you ever buy VDAY-themed pieces? Check out the rest of the images below and make sure to peek at H&M Kids here!

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Cool Kid Chronicles: Mia Rose Morgan

TRISTIN: Diesel jacket, VIngino Jeans MIA: Full Forever 21 Outfit TYLER:Appaman coat, Vingino top and jeans.

TRISTIN: Diesel jacket, VIngino Jeans MIA: Full Forever 21 Outfit TYLER:Appaman coat, Vingino top and jeans.

Cool Kid Chronicles is becoming my favorite features to shoot on this blog. Not only do I get to meet some really cool kids and their awesome family members -- the boys get to hang out with some of the nicest kiddos around! I also get to style girls which is something I rarely do that's always fun. Mia's entire outfit is from Forever 21.

In this feature, meet model + dancer Mia Rose Morgan!  Mia was a super trooper during this shoot -- not only did she rock that dress when was it freezing out, but she was focused the entire time and was super sweet.  Learn more about Mia below and make sure to follow her on Instagram!

Photography/Styling/Creative by: Tiffany Casanova - Do not post photos without permission. All photos are protected by Copyright.


1. Do you play any sports?

Yes, I play basketball and softball, but dancing is my favorite thing to do.

2. How long have you been modeling? 

I have been modeling since I was 7.

 3. What's your favorite place to hang out in NYC?

My favorite shops are Mikey Likes It Ice Cream and The Bakery at 740 Bergen Street.  Mikey Likes It Ice Cream on Avenue A names their ice cream flavors after singers, rappers or movies.  The best ones are the Foxy Brown and the Ice Ice Baby.  The Bakery on Bergen in Brooklyn has the best macaroons ever and the owner, Akim, is so nice.

4.  What do you want to be when you grow up?

A model and an actress.  Or a dance teacher.

 5. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?  I would love to fly.

 6. What apps are on your phone? Which is your fave?

 Instagram, Snapchat, Musically and Triller. Instagram is my favorite

7. What's your favorite emoji?   [I love] the dancing lady emoji.

8. What's your favorite Tristin + Tyler video?

The Tristin and Tyler report from Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week, because that’s the first time I met them.

9. What's your favorite subject in school?  Science

10. If you could work with any famous person, who would it be?  Beyoncé

11. If you could only carry 2 things in your bag/backpack what would they be?

My phone and candy.


 12. Name a country you would love to visit?   Brazil

 13. Who's your favorite music artist?  Beyoncé again!  LOL!

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Our Favorite Kicks from Kids Foot Locker

The boys have become really big sneaker fans, so that means not only am I only looking for the hottest pairs, but I am becoming a bit of sneaker and sports apparel fanatic myself! I was so glad to connect with our pals at Kids Foot Locker to feature some of their apparel and kicks!  My favorite sneakers from this shoot have to be the Jordan Son of Mars, Tyler loves the Lil Posites, especially for basketball.  Here are some of the images from the photo shoot I styled and shot featuring some our favorite Kids Foot Locker pieces.  You can check out the rest on the Hooligans Magazine blog!

Ready to step up your kiddo's sneaker game? Make sure to head to Kids Foot Locker and check out their latest!


Photos/Creative Direction/Styling: By Tiffany Casanova.  Please do not use photos without permission.  Nike + Jordan Products provided by Kids Foot Locker, all opinions expressed are, as always, my own.

Cool Kid Chronicles: Jaden Michael

In this next installment of Cool Kid Chronicles, we head to Soho and hang out with Jaden Michael who we've known since Tristin + Tyler were about 8 years old. Whether they work on a PBS pilot together or end up seeing each other at auditions, these kids always seem to meet up in the NYC someway somehow, so I thought it was only fitting to feature cool kid Jaden. 

Jaden is not only talented as an actor and model, he's super funny, sweet and very well rounded. We spent a whole day together which included shooting these photos, going to a fun craft event and trekking in downtown NYC in the snow, and even in the FREEZING cold, Jaden's charm is undeniable!  Learn more about this cool kid below and make sure to follow him on Instagram: @jadenmichael

How long have you been acting? What do you love about acting?
I have been acting for 11 years.
I love creating characters and being able to make people feel certain emotions. Acting is about people and understanding them and then telling their story.

How long have you been modeling?
I have been modeling since the age of two. My first modeling job was for Sean John, I was two years old.

What's your favorite place to hang out in NYC?
New York City is a great place with many things to do and see. I love hanging out in Central Park, The Intrepid Museum, and The Museum of Natural History. Those are my favorite places in New York. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to become a famous actor, and study criminal justice to become a lawyer.

If you could have one super power what would it be and why?
SPEED with speed you can go really fast, time travel, climb walls, go through walls, and cause and stop natural disasters.

What apps are on your phone? Which is your fave?
I have Snapchat, Instagram,  Netflix and many video games. My favorite app is Pako, a video game.

Do you play any sports?
No, I do not play any sports, but I love being active and working out. I love skateboarding.

What's your favorite emoji?
I don't have a favorite emoji. I mostly use bitmoji. But if I had to choose an emoji it would be the nerd.

What's your favorite Tristin + Tyler video?
The video where they go to Black Tap. I'm a NYC kid and loved hearing the owner's story.

What's your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is Language Arts. I enjoy ready and writing.

If you could work with any actor/actress who would it be?
I would love to meet and work with Kevin Spacey. I love watching him on his tv shows and movies and sometimes wonder what it would be like to work with him.

What was your favorite acting project so far and why?

My favorite acting project so far has been Wonderstruck.  We were a great team and we all worked very well together. I loved having the opportunity of working at The Museum of Natural History and learning about the Deaf Culture and Community. The most fascinating part about working on Wonderstruck was visiting the Queens Museum and being able to walk on the miniature size of New York City.


Photos/Styling/Creative: By TIffany Casanova

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Tristin + Tyler's Threads: Appaman Parka

Yesterday the boys turned 13 - YEP 13. I am still freaking about it, but excited about new opportunities for them and glad they are still so sweet as they grow. Not only did they wake up 13 year old, its LITERALLY 13 degrees out!! So I was super psyched that our friends at Appaman sent us their down parka for the boys to wear.  Not only is it warm, but it's pretty sleek so when I style the boys I can dress the coats up or down - which I love since they run around the city to various appointments all week long after school.

Check out the parka here and all of Appaman's other hot outwear here, perfect to time to get that warmer coat!

Stay toasty!

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