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#1FunThing: How to Make a Christmas Banner


I spend so much time and effort decorating the Christmas tree every year with the boys, that I never really decorate my apartment. This year the boys asked "Why don't we ever decorate the apartment?" I didn't have an answer!  So, I made it a point to make a few decorations this year starting with a fun red and green banner that we can hang just about anywhere.  You can even make a mini banner to hang on your Christmas tree or make a  banner in any color to decorate your kiddos room or birthday party! You saw me use this banner in this post.  Isn't it fun!?? Here's how we made them! 

Materials:  Kid Made Modern construction paper + Scissors + a Ruler + Pencil + Craft String  + Tape + Pencil


bannercollage Use Kid Made Modern construction paper (it has glitter on it! yay!) in red and green. Pile each sheet of paper on top of eachother and draw triangles with a ruler. Then cut the triangles out.

SONY DSCYou should have a whole bunch of triangles after that!

SONY DSC Place the craft string in between the top of the triangle. Then fold the triangle over on top, and tape the edges closed. Keep doing this until you have a long string of triangles. Then you are done!


Enjoy and if you make a banner, share the pictures with us so we can share on our Instagram feed! Just tag #1FunThing or tag us at @tristinandtyler!

Happy crafting! xx