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3 Ways to Have Fun Grocery Shopping with Kids

I was in the supermarket last week and saw a mom having so much trouble getting her child to listen to her. He threw groceries she didn't need  in the cart and ran around and bumped into people. He just refused to listen to her. I felt so bad.

I've been lucky that the boys are pretty well-mannered, but sometimes you need to get kids involved or focused on something so they feel needed.

Here are 3 ways to have fun grocery shopping with kids (yes, it can be enjoyable!):

1. Use the alphabet and ask your child to find food that starts with a particular letter all the while holding on to the shopping cart. If they let go of the cart, they lose the game. A is for apple, B is for blueberries and so on.

2. Ask your child to make up funny recipes (as they hold on to the cart). You pick a food and ask your child to add weird things that just wouldn't taste good. Like a banana split, with brussel sprouts and mac and cheese. Ick! Kids love when adults are grossed out!

3. For smaller kids, try matching shapes and colors. Pick one fruit or vegetable and ask your child to find similar colors and/or shapes in the supermarket! Again, they have to hold on to the cart!

The best part about this activity is that after you've done it once, the kids will always want to do it because they associate the supermarket with the games. At the end, give your child a prize. Maybe a little trinket they really wanted, or a cookie. But remember, they only get the reward if they hold on to the cart and complete the activity.