Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Spring Neutrals


It's technically Spring, but it totally doesn't feel like it. We are a few days away from Easter Sunday and I am still wearing my heaviest coat! I guess that's why when I styled this shoot for the boys I couldn't quite put them in "Spring" colors - I had to ease my way into brights since the weather is not cooperating.  I love these neutrals though!

THE SHOOT - We were visiting family in Long Island so I put all of the clothes, accessories and boots in the trunk of the car and I knew I had to find a spot to get some clean lines outdoors. I found a parking lot on the side of a mall that had this really cool shadow from the sun setting -see above their heads in this first pic, and in Tristin's walking solo pic below?

THE STYLING - It was all about a hint of Spring with the florals, but stepping back from doing any real Spring/Easter colors. Neutrals are always a great way to transition to new seasons. Tristin has a suede jacket and Tyler's is quilted and an olive green. Love all of the small details you can only see from up close.

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xo, Tiffany

On the Next Episode: Made By London

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.40.46 AM.png

If you walk the streets of New York City, especially Brooklyn, you've probably seen the work of this cool crochet expert.  Some call her craft "yarn bombing" or "yarn graffitti," but whatever you want to call it, we love the fact that creatives are making the city a little more colorful with street art made with yarn.

In the latest episode of Tristin + Tyler's webseries What's Up, City Kid?! (yes, a bunch of new episodes coming your way this Spring!!), we meet London Kaye, a dancer turned street artist who has made creations all over New York City just for fun, and even for brands like Gap + Starbucks!  Here's a peek at the episode, but make sure to watch when it on YouTube when it launches later this week! :)

Stay tuned!

xo, Tiffany

What's Up, City Kid!? The Perfect Place for Pencils!

Right in time for school getting in full gear, we take you behind the scenes of the one and only pencil shop in NYC! Tristin + Tyler go behind the scenes of this cool spot in Chinatown and quiz the owner to see if she really knows her stuff! Check out the video and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

xo, Tiffany

Tyler Featured In: Jersey Mike's Commercial

Tyler had the best time in this commercial for Jersey Mike's. Not only was the production company super fun and so great to the kids that were there, Tyler got to eat a sub sandwich on camera...over and over, and over again! As you probably know, boys love to eat so this was a double treat for him!  This month Jersey Mike's is giving away proceeds from their subs to local charities in their month of giving, so we were so excited that Tyler could take part in spreading the word about such a great organization, and worthy cause.

If you haven't had a Jersey Mike's sandwich, this is the best time to try it for sure! To learn more about Jersey Mike's Month of Giving, click here, and you can watch Tyler's commercial below or click here!  Let us know how you think he did! I think he stuffed his face pretty good! Lol!

xo, TIffany

On the Next Episode: I Heart This.

I know, I know. It's been a long time since we had a Tristin & Tyler's Tales from the City! episode. Things have gotten busy and we've spent a ton of time covering green events and fun kid happenings instead of featuring our favorite people helping to save the Earth! But we're back, and just in time for Earth Month (YAY!), we're hanging with a woman who wants to spread love for food and the planet at the same time! Meet Fatima Fazal. Fatima started I Heart This, our Eco Brand of the Month!!! I Heart This is a company all about sharing the things we love. Fatima's first product is one that has many purposes, but most importantly, keeps plastic forks and knives out of landfills-halleluah! Stay tuned this week to meet her, and watch us take the city by storm spreading love to a few strangers.


A Farm in the City. Yes, a farm.

When I was little, Easter was all about a basket full of candy and toys. Since we try to keep things green and healthy (but still fun), I wanted to do something with the boys this year that was more of an experience, and not the purchasing of more stuff that would end up in a landfill one day.  What better place to go than to a farm to see bunnies, huh?  The best part about visiting the farm is that we were able to hang with animals of all shapes, sizes and colors and NOT LEAVE NYC! Welcome to Art Farm in the City an eco-friendly, organic facility where kids can get creative and have fun with animals and our ECO BRAND OF THE MONTH!

The boys put on their Diesel Kid overalls (what else would you wear to a farm?) and our Polarn O. Pyret striped cotton tops and marched into the farm and had it all to themselves! Art Farm has a ton of activities for little guys including the ability for kids to feed the animals like the guinea pigs and rabbits. That was the highlight of course, they boys gave the rabbits a whole bag of parsley. They also have chickens, birds, turtles and so much more.



The Art Farm is open on Easter Day! You can take the kids to "Mornings on The Farm" for kids 1+ years Saturday/Sunday 8am - 10am. Check out the prices by visiting the site here.

"Where else in New York City can you begin your day on the farm? With a basket full of hay and goodies, you and your children can spend the morning feeding and snuggling animals!"

Definitely let me know if you go, I would love to feature your photos on the blog!


Get Cooking with Tristin, Tyler and Friends!

Get ready to Get Cookin' with Tristin and Tyler! Your favorite city kids are learning to make healthy snacks and they want to teach YOU to do the same!  The boys have teamed up with some amazing people in the world of food to bring you tasty recipes, safe kitchen fun and a whole lotta inspiration! Start checking out the videos in May!

Check this out!  To raise awareness for Share Our Strength, a national nonprofit who is ending childhood hunger in America through the No Kid Hungry campaign, T&T wear orange in each episode and share tips so you too can do your part to end childhood hunger.  To learn more, visit, a website for kids that is filled with interactive learning tools and fundraising ideas.

We shot the videos at City Cookhouse in Harlem, NYC and had a great time! Want to meet Tristin and Tyler's cooking guests? Check this out!

Chef JJ: You may recognize Joe Johnson as a winner of Rocco's Dinner Party on Bravo.  But, if you haven't checked out Chef JJ, you're missing out! Not only is he down to earth, he is a great Chef with a really cool personality. The kids can't stop laughing when he's around. It's perfectly fitting that he is launching his own television series with kids because he gets along with the boys soo well! Make sure to catch this episode, he's making something seriously innovative! Learn more about him at

Margaret Chen:  We love Margaret! Margaret has a blog, Savory Sweet where she writes about what she loves to cook. She is such an inspiration because she finds ways to put a fun twist on the ordinary.  Cooking with T&T was no exception, she put a fun (and D-LISH) twist on the on something and the boys ATE IT UP! So make sure to twist your way to your computers to check this episode out!  In the meantime, check her out at

Leslie Durso: I think Tyler has a HUGE crush on my new pal Leslie! It was fun watching him steal looks at her while we shot the episode! Hee Hee! Leslie is a vegan so I was a little worried that the boys wouldn't like her recipe since they eat poultry, but to my surprise, the boys (and everyone else at the shoot) enjoyed it! So while you wait to try this ahhmazing vegan recipe, check her out at

Serena Norr: Our pal Serena is a super duper multi-tasker! Not only does she operate two blogs about healthy living and eating, she's a mom and writes for Mom Trends! We can add acting to her list of accomplishments as she rocked the little bit of acting I asked each guest to do on the shoot. Stay tuned to see Serena's acting debut and get a peek at her healthy snack! Check her out at and

Hannah: Don't miss a little girl with some serious cooking power! We are getting a special report all the way from Canada from Tristin and Tyler's friend Hannah from Today I Ate A Rainbow! We are super excited to see what Hannah and her fab mom Kia have in store! You've gotta stay tuned! How adorable is she?

So, there you have it: the people, the fun, the healthy snack revolution and T&T are happy to bring it all to ya!!