Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

A Craft Farm Grows In Brooklyn!

Who knew!  Brooklyn has a wonderful farm just for crafting!  In my last post I wrote about our shooting a cool upcycling episode with Brooklyn Craft Farm and here it finally is.

Shooting this episode was particularly enlightening for the boys because they learned that anyone can have a job that's fun and crafty!

I think the boys think of their mom as a lawyer and their dad running his own business, and they assume life is all about hard work and no fun!  :(  But when they met Julie and Loulou, they realized that anyone can have a job doing what they love!!

As you know, Tristin and Tyler love finding ways to help the earth.  They especially like to find new ways to reuse all sorts of things!  Some of their ideas are, well, not so great...or sanitary.  Honestly, some of their ideas are kind of gross, but at least their thinking about the three R's -- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, so it was great that Julie and Loulou thought of this amazing upcycling craft -- turning a trash can into a toy robot -- it was right up Tristin and Tyler's alley!

The best part?  The new "robot" can store toys and other small items, hooray for parents trying to keep the kiddie room organized!

Who'd a thunk that there was such a cool place, with cool people so close by where you can have birthday and craft parties.  They even teach crafts to adults!

Check out these cool pics from our fun day of crafting and then make sure to check out Brooklyn Craft Farm.

Oh, and of course, enjoy the episode! Wouldn't want you to forget to do that!