Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

A Date with Dad: Tip #1 Ballin' on Bikes

Happy almost Father's Day!  This week Tristin and Tyler are sharing 3 tips on ways to have a Date with DaDa outdoors!

Tip #1 Get on your bikes and show your child HOW DAD ROLLS!

New York is pretty busy but there are some great places to go for a ride with dada. Visit for some tips on great places.  My favorite place to ride is along the Hudson River. I usually ride from Riverdale in the Bronx to Chelsea in Manhattan and the water view is amazing. But, because you will find professional riders as well as beginners on this fast paced path, if you have small children, try here to find "greenways" that are a little quieter.

No bikes? Roller blade or ride a scooter instead! If your child can't "rock the roll" yet, Father's day is a great day to teach him/her. Do you lack the skillz, to teach your skillz? Check out They teach children and adults to ride.

Tomorrow stay tuned for Tip #2 for your child's Date with DaDa - hint: There's a little crafting and recycling two favorite things! :)