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A Date with DaDa: Tip #2 Read Together

So it's DaDa's day, right? Sure Dad should get to do what he wants and have time to relax, BUT if he's reading the paper too much and not including the kids...

Include the kids anyway! Ha! Join in Dad's reading. Why not read something together? Whether your child is young or in his/her tweens, reading something together is a great way to bond.  If your chlld is older, read the newspaper together and discuss current events. If you have a younger child and want to put an eco-friendly spin on Father's Day, try a fun newspaper craft like this one or have fun doing this activity!

Or, make a fun book cover out of newspaper for one of the books you've read. It's creative, fun and SUPAH GREEN! 

So there you have it, Tip #2 for a Date with DaDa - GET READING and do it outdoors! Pull out a blanket, spot an empty bench and enjoy the fresh air!  If you missed Tip #1 you can

check it out here!