Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

A Farm in the City. Yes, a farm.

When I was little, Easter was all about a basket full of candy and toys. Since we try to keep things green and healthy (but still fun), I wanted to do something with the boys this year that was more of an experience, and not the purchasing of more stuff that would end up in a landfill one day.  What better place to go than to a farm to see bunnies, huh?  The best part about visiting the farm is that we were able to hang with animals of all shapes, sizes and colors and NOT LEAVE NYC! Welcome to Art Farm in the City an eco-friendly, organic facility where kids can get creative and have fun with animals and our ECO BRAND OF THE MONTH!

The boys put on their Diesel Kid overalls (what else would you wear to a farm?) and our Polarn O. Pyret striped cotton tops and marched into the farm and had it all to themselves! Art Farm has a ton of activities for little guys including the ability for kids to feed the animals like the guinea pigs and rabbits. That was the highlight of course, they boys gave the rabbits a whole bag of parsley. They also have chickens, birds, turtles and so much more.



The Art Farm is open on Easter Day! You can take the kids to "Mornings on The Farm" for kids 1+ years Saturday/Sunday 8am - 10am. Check out the prices by visiting the site here.

"Where else in New York City can you begin your day on the farm? With a basket full of hay and goodies, you and your children can spend the morning feeding and snuggling animals!"

Definitely let me know if you go, I would love to feature your photos on the blog!