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City Fun: Elf The Musical

The holidays are officially here! Do you have a favorite holiday movie that you just have to see in order to get the holidays going? Me too! One of our favorite holiday movies is Elf starring Will Ferrell, have you seen it? Well now it's on Broadway, and thanks to The Moms and Sierra Mist, we got a chance to see Elf The Musical!

You know how sometimes you see a movie, then you read the book or see the play and then you're disappointed because the adaptation was so crappy? Well no disappointment here! Elf The Musical was awesome!

Jordan Gelber, who plays Buddy the Elf, had some serious shoes to fill because Will Ferrel was so hilarious in the movie, but he did a great job. He has an amazing singing voice and was super funny (and annoying - exactly like Buddy from the movie). Not only were the visuals beautiful to look at and perfect to get you into the holiday spirit, the music was almost addictive, we sang pretty much all of the songs on the way home!

I think what made Elf The Musical extra fun is how the writers interjected modern day elements throughout. Check this out: Santa keeps his list on an iPad! How awesome (and green) is that??

We bumped into Aviva Drescher from The Real Housewives of NYC at the screening. She was so nice to the boys.

Thanks to Sierra Mist and The Moms, we got a chance to get decked out and head to the theater. Best musical I've seen in a long time. Stay tuned for Tristin & Tyler's Threads style post, to check out what brand they wore to the theater.

Will you go see Elf The Musical? Did you love the movie as much as we did?