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Cooking with Tristin & Tyler: How to Make Rainbow Fruit Sticks

Yup, it's official, we have saved the cutest guest on Cooking with Tristin & Tyler for last! Today, meet Hannah of Today I Ate A Rainbow.

Hannah is no stranger to being in the kitchen and making healthy snacks because her and her mom Kia have created the Rainbow Kit which helps remind kids to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies everyday!  In this episode of Cooking with Tristin & Tyler, Hannah reports all the way from Canada and shares a fun snack that kids can make with adults, or with friends at a playdate! I love when kids get their hands messy (as long as they don't wipe their hands on their clothes, ha!).

Check out the video below and then tell Tristin and Tyler: What do you think of Hannah? Isn't she AWESOME!?? Do your kids eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies each day? I think my kids get about half a rainbow each day, I've gotta get to work! Please comment below and share the video!