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Cool Kid Chronicles: Madeleine Pace

So excited to do another feature of Cool Kid Chronicles! I love featuring kids working hard to follow their dreams! This feature is no exception!.Meet Madeleine Pace, not only is this 9 year old acting, dancing, modeling and tapping her way around town, she's appeared in shows like Saturday Night Live, Maya & Marty. What I love most about Maddie is that she has the most vibrant personality! You'd think a 9 year old working with two 13 year old boys would be shy, but no way! - this kid shines no matter what she does! Learn more about Madeleine below and make sure to follow her journey on Instagram!



Photos/Styling/Creative: By Tiffany Casanova

1.  Do you play any sports?  Yes, I love to dance! I like to dance tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, lyrical and theatre dance.  I also like to swim in the Summer.

2. How long have you been acting?  I have been acting professionally since I was six years old. I'm turning ten at the end of May.  On Broadway, I played the role of Ivanka in Once the Musical!  It was so fun- I danced to Ej Pada Pada Roskica in the scene with my stage Mom, stage Grandma and some other characters!   Ej Pada Pada is one of my favorite songs ever!  When I was four and five years old I did some local theatre classes... There, I remember singing Seize The Day in a show and I also played a cheerleader in High School Musical.  That same year I put together a  Newsie outfit for my Halloween costume.

3. What do you love about acting?  I love that I can express my feelings and words through dialogue that people wrote.  I also love to become different characters. Just recently, I played an adult in a cabaret. It was fun to be an adult and sing about Kids with my friend (the song was from Bye Bye Birdie and is called "Kids"). 

4. What's your favorite place to hang out in NYC?  I love to hang out in the theatre district and the garment district. I love being around all the Broadway theaters and collecting Broadway cards at the Broadway store.  I also like walking by the Jacobs Theatre. Walking by it reminds me of all the fun memories I had there. My dance studio is located in the garment district, so between dance classes, I love to search for fabric to use in my fashion designs. 

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to be a dancer, singer, actor, fashion designer and songwriter! I think it would be fun to see how all of these different roles can be mixed together to become one awesome job!

6.  If you could have one super power what would it be and why?  The super power that i would like is to see the future so I can see what happens in my life and be prepared for it.

7. What apps are on your phone or ipad? Which is your fave? On my iPad I have Minecraft, the TV app, TKTS, Instragram,, and Bitmoji. My favorite apps are and Instragram because you can interact with the world and your friends. On you post videos of you singing or doing a comedy video.

8. What's your favorite emoji?  My favorite emoji is the nerd emoji:πŸ€“ because it looks like a nerd. I love being a nerd because i love to read! I also have black glasses which i love because my grandfather has the same pair!

9. What's your favorite Tristin + Tyler video?  My favorite Tristin + Tyler video is "How to make your own STICKERS". I like this video because it shows me how to make my own stickers that I can use to decorate my school notebooks. I love that the videos are so creative!  I thought the pizza sticker was really cool because i love pizza especially sausage with olives. Yummy!πŸ•

10. What's your favorite subject in school? My favorite subjects in school are Math and Social Studies. Math is awesome because you can experiment with different numbers. I love Social Studies because you learn about History. For example, this year we wrote a report about an immigrant. I wrote about my Great Great Grandmother Mary Louise Borkowska! I learned so muchπŸ“’!

11. If you could work with any actor/actress who would it be?  I would pick Phillipa Soo because she is so inspirational and I would learn so much from her. For example, She is always so energetic in her performance and tells a story through her eyes, facial expressions and reactions. I just saw her in Amelie and she was terrific!

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