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Cool Kid Chronicles: Madison & Ka'Mani's true. We've been hiding a bit and we are just getting back up to speed after this party and most importantly, making sure T+T's school work is up to par! But we are happy to be back and launch a brand new blog feature: Cool Kid Chronicles! Oh yea! Each month we will feauture one kid (or two in today's case) that is doing something we think is cool. From cooking, to DJing to rocking sports, these kids bring a little something special to the table that we want to highlight. First up, Madison and Ka'Mani, 11 year old identical twins also known as the "Rockstar Twins."


These two gals are some serious forces in track and field and they were kind enough to join us in Washington Heights to teach the boys some tips for making a mark on the track! It was super fun, as you can tell from the pictures! Want to learn more about them? Check out the photos and interview below!

Q: What do want to be when you grow up?

Madison: I wanna be a fashion designer, a singer and a track star.

Ka'Mani: I want to be a lot of things, while being a doctor, I wanna also be a fashion desinger, singer/dancer and also a track star.


Q: What's the best part about running track?

Madison: Beating my competitors and finishing with a good time.

Ka'Mani: Winning medals and finishing with a good time.

Q: What's the hardest part?

Madison: Training.

Ka'Mani: Training and getting yelled at by my coach.


Q: What's your favorite healthy snack?

Madison: Mangoes.

Ka'Mani: Grapes and strawberries.

Q: Give us one word to describe your style?

Madison: Versatile

Ka'Mani: Preppy


Q: Give me one word to describe your personality?

Madison: Quiet

Ka'Mani: Outgoing


Q: What's one thing people would be suprised to learn about you?

Madison: I love to read.

Ka'Mani: I hate to wear tights because they make me itch!

Did you love this??! We sure did! Stay tuned for more Cool Kid Chronicles and make sure to check out Madison and Ka'Mani here!


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