Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Did You Catch These?

So you saw Tristin & Tyler's green-themed photo shoot in Babiekins Magazine, right?  Did you catch these cool duds from these earth-lovin' brands?  If not, check them out here and then re-visit the photo shoot and see Tristin, Tyler and friends make them look super cool! Kaos Recycled Rolling Stones TeeKaos Recycled's pieces are so rock n' roll.  Definitely got to get the boys some more! This one we got from Green Edge Kids, a fabulous online retailer of green gear! Check 'em out!

Beatrix Eco Pacs: I love eco-friendly accessories.  These eco-packs are "constructed with nylon made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and trimmed with naturally biodegradable canvas. Each pack removes four 16oz. plastic bottles from the environment."  Yay! We love it!

SHirinNYC: Why is this brand so hot? First, because it's a New York City-based brand ;) Second, and more importantly, SHirinNYC produces delicate, organic pieces with superb detail.  Who knew little one's could have such a slice of organic heaven! My niece Madison wore this top in the photo shoot! She was so comfortable in it -- I love my little Maddie!

Green Edge Kids Eco Denim - When I contacted Green Edge Kids, I had no idea they made their own line of recycled denim. GreenEdge is the first USA-made premium eco-denim for children.  With 7 years old boys, there aren't many eco-friendly options when it comes to jeans.  But these jeans fit absolutely perfectly and look hot! Check out Tristin and Tyler below sporting the skinny version of the jean!

Keen Sneakers and Rainboots - Tristin and Tyler adore their Keen footwear! The sneakers and boots below feature recycled aluminum eyelets and an adhesive-free vulcanized rubber and the boys just look cool, who doesn't love that?

H&M - Who knew H&M made organic clothing? Guess the folks at H&M knew, but I was surprised and even more surprised when I found out they made organic clothing for kiddies! Check out Tristin's "Chomp" t-shirt - totally organic from H&M - Ahhhmazing!