Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Do this Helsinki, Do that NYC: Reading Galore!

Tristin & Tyler and Rawr Magazine are excited to bring you our next city adventure! Join us every two weeks, to find out the coolest places for kids in both Helsinki and New York! If you missed the first installment, check it out here! If you've already checked it out (cause you're so cool) check out installment two below: all about the BEST Bookstores for kids!

Sitting on Mushrooms, squeezing into playhouses and reading to their heart's content, Tristin, Tyler and their pal Brianna had an amazing time at the McNally Jackson book store located at 52 Prince Street in New York City.  Flying books decorate the ceiling and a Saturday kids book-reading and craft session rounds out the reasons why McNally Jackson is our pick for the best independent bookstore in NYC for your little (or big) kid!  Need a treat while you read? Visit their cafe for toasty yumminess. Oh, and take peek at the seating area walls, they are papered with wallpaper only a book-lover would adore!


In Helsinki, follow Julian and Noa as they visit a 50-year-old bookstore with fairy dust, medieval tales and
futuristic adventures! The Academic Bookstore located in the department store Stockmann, is a three-story
delight for book-loving parents and children. Julian and Noa like to listen their father to tell bedtime stories in
Swedish, and the Academic Bookstore is the number one place to find Finnish, Swedish and English
literature for the whole family. Grab a book or two and read the first pages by a cup of
hot chocolate at Cafe Aalto on the second floor. Or follow Julian and Noa to the terrace and
enjoy both stories and treats outdoors!