Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Fun in the City: Rise of the Guardians

"I just knew Jack Frost, Santa and the Tooth Fairy were real!" That's what I heard from Tristin and Tyler after we were invited by Macaroni Kid to a special screening of the film Rise of the Guardians. All of the myths that we grow not to believe in are actually true according to this new animated film from Dreamworks. From the Easter Bunny to the Sandman - they're all real and guarding children from the Boogie Man is their number one priority.

What's Cool: The movie was in 3D, so we enjoyed trying to grab snowflakes in the air while Jack Frost was swooping around freezing everything in the town. We also LOVED the animation, it was so crisp. The storyline was great as well and your kids will be able to follow along with no problem. There's the bad guy - the Boogie Man named Pitch Black and the good guys - the guardians who are protect all children.

What's New: Santa had tattoos! One arm said "naughty," the other said "nice." Not sure how I felt about that one, but that along with a few other details, made each character real which I think helped Tristin and Tyler have faith that Santa is coming to bring them gifts in a month! It also reminded the boys, and myself, that everyone is different and that is okay.

What's the Story?:  I never giveaway what a movie is about, but the takeaway for me was two-fold. First, although you may feel alone sometimes, there is always a place where you belong and second, always have faith in what you believe in. I think both of these are great messages in this age when bullying is such a strong issue for kids. 

SO, now that you have a few more days off with the family, I have a great idea: checkout Rise of the Guardians! Great holiday film, AWESOME graphics and oh - did I mention it's in 3D!? Can't beat it.

FYI, the film is rated PG because Pitch Black can get a little scary at times!