Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Get to Swappin'

HALLOWEEN! Yes, I said it, I know you think it's to early to say the words "trick-or-treat" or "costume"  but it is coming up fast!  Have you gotten your kids' costumes already? Me either!  But no worry!  There's no stress in finding (or paying for) costumes if you host and/or attend a Costume Swap!

Yup, kids all over the country are swapping costumes thanks to!  National Costume Swap DayTM is October 8, 2011!  It's all about encouraging your community NOT to throw away costumes that no longer fit (or that your child refuses to wear) and swap it out for a costume your child will adore!
Yup, swapping these too!

How can YOU get to swappin'?  Well, you can check the Green Halloween website to see if there is a Costume Swap in your area.  Or, even better, host a swap yourself!

It's so easy to host your own swap! You can register with Green Halloween at no cost!  Whether your swap is big or small, you are:

1. helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, including plastic packaging and other hard to recycle materials, 

2. saving money and

3. teaching your kids that sharing is TRULY caring!  

Want hosting tips? Visit here! For what kind of healthy treats to share, games to play and ways to be sure and have a successful swap!

Want some more resources? Check out one of my FAVORITE magazines for healthy kiddies Kiwi Magazine!   If you just can't get enough tips, visit!

Tristin and Tyler will definitely be participating in National Costume Swap DayTM  They even have a really cool video coming up all about costume swapping fun with friends!


Do you think you will host a swap? Where? Let us know!