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Hanging w/ Will Smith + Jaden Smith: After Earth Screening

The boys, hubby and I are HUGE movie watchers. Thanks to The Moms, we got an awesome opportunity to attend an advance screening of Will and Jaden's second film together, After Earth and hear form Jaden and Will in person! Honestly, Will is just as funny as he is in movies. He's also so down to earth and personable. Same for Jaden, totally adorable and totally a super-cool 14 year old. The Moms always ask their guests for parenting tips and tricks, and I loved how Will was able to articulate how he and wife Jada Pinket parent. In particular, I loved how he talked about letting your kids go. UGHHH!!  I am having a hard time with that concept. Go to the kitchen for milk? YES. Head to a friends home for a sleepover? NOT so much! As the boys approach 10 years old, letting them go freaks. me. out. But I love how Will made it sound easy, see the short video clip below. After Earth is in theatres TODAY! FYI it's PG-13 and it's a bit graphic. I don't spoil movies, so you won't get any further details from me, but I will say there are eco-friendly messages in the movie that are important --- go see it!

After you watch the video below let me know: do you agree with Will's approach to letting your kids go?