Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Eco + Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Tips!

It's our last post of 2012! This year really flew by, huh? From shooting amazing episodes to Tristin + Tyler maturing into little creative men, this year has been awesome! In the new year, I hope that Tristin and Tyler, and our family as a whole, grow as individuals and continue on the same happy and healthy path. I wish the same for all of you. Tonight, Tristin & Tyler are sharing a few tips for an eco- and kid-friendly New Years Eve!!  Enjoy!

1. GET DRESSED UP!  Kids love to be little adults. So why not let them get dressed up on their own? The boys and I loved making these eco-friendly bow ties, Tristin's pocket square and our art wall. Instead of throwing things away we found a way to reuse them! We used old foil to make the stars on our wall, the center of the bow ties and Tristin's pocket square. We also used scraps of construction paper to make the rest of the tie.

2. HAVE SOME LAUGHS!  Play a fun game! Pictionary, charades, hide and go seek? Whatever game makes your family laugh the most, do it until the ball drops! Don't purchase anything new, just enjoy what you already have.

3. MAKE A KID-FRIENDLY TOAST! Kids always want to be little adults, so why not get them plastic flutes and serve them cookies and milk? Tristin and Tyler love doing that! Toast to new things you want to do next year. Not what you want to buy, just what you want to achieve; learn to ride a bike, try a new sport, travel more?

4. PARTAY!! Our favorite ways to partay is to have a dance party! We get tons of confetti throw it in the air, blast music and we all get a chance to dance on my bed. This is something we would never let the kids do otherwise, so it's a real treat. And they get to see mom and dad dance which is fun for T+T! Everyone gets a chance to ROCK OUT! Don't buy anything new. Use what you have at home to make your partay unique.

There you have it: cool New Year's Eve Tips from Cool Kids. Thanks for hanging with us this year. We have so much fun coming up in 2013. Stick around, pals!



Tiffany, Carmelo, Tristin + Tyler