Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Kids Designing T-Shirts? Yup!

This entry is all 'bout  the latest episode of  "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City" featuring Tristin and Tyler and 7 amazing pals of theirs creating oh-so-cool t-shirts at the  "The Best T-Shirt Party Ever!" Check it out here!So, what's a t-shirt party? Lil' ones creating their own clothes for a change! Here is my recipe for an x-tra special t-shirt partay!

My Special Ingredients:

9  kids

9 white t-shirts

Iron-on names for each child

Non-washable paint and embellishments (a.k.a. "bling") from Lee's Art Shop for the kids to glue on and;

Lots of yummy treats and juice boxes!

AND AWAY THEY WENT! Gluing, squeezing, spilling and globbing on paint and "diamonds" (as the kids called them) to their hearts' content.  Ahh, the mess that comes along with creating something unique.

Truly, it was great to see so many individual personalities emerge on a piece of clothing that could be worn over and over, and shown off to friends!  What's better than that for a child?  A toy store? Well... yes that could possibly be more fun, but we're talking t-shirts here, stay focused!

Oh! A very important warning:  Have the party in a place that can get messy.   If you do it in your living room, I can assure you that your furniture will be a little more, um... shall I say, unique!  But, I can also assure you that House Beautiful will not be featuring your new furniture in its splendid pages anytime soon!  But maybe you can finally get that HGTV makeover you've wanted for so long!  Your new artsy furniture could actually be a messy, blessing in disguise!  :)

Anyway, back to the party...

The party was such a success because each child was able to take a piece of the party home, and that little piece of fun can just about last forever (or at least as long as the t-shirt fits someone).

A t-shirt party is also a pretty eco-friendly idea because at any other party, each kid would receive a plastic party bag with plastic toys inside which would sit in a landfill for years and the t-shirts are a great, reusable alternative!

So have a t-shirt party with your kids!  If and when you do, please send me pics, I will post them!

Enjoy and stay tuned for the fun episode!