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Mommy is Entertaining!

Do you have time to entertain? I mean, other than entertaining the kiddies? Me either, so I was excited to attend two events, hosted by two ahhmazing women, to learn some entertaining tips, trends and tricks to make entertaining easy! Thanks to MOM TRENDS and LIZA AMERICA'S HOST, I am ready to be the hostess with the mostest!

If you're not familiar with MOM TRENDS, get familiar! MOM TRENDS is a great blog and resource on what's hot for kids and mamas alike started by Nicole Feliciano.


So, what did I learn? Put a spin on the classics! Regular donuts at an event? Nope! BOOZY donuts at an event? Oh yeah! Boozy donuts are regular donuts literally injected with a small amount of liquor. Fun, huh?

How about bringing back the punch bowl and adding some decorative edible flowers (which I didn't know existed, by the way) for a decorative punch!

Takeaway? Make the ordinary, extraordinary! Check out this Mom Trends post for some amazing photos of the event! My camera was not cooperating. :(


The next event was hosted by Liza America's Host. Check out her website for tons of tips on "celebrating every day." Liza is a mom who has owned two restaurants, so she knows how to entertain and get cookin'!

I think one of the most important lessons I learned was to be myself when entertaining and don't worry so much!

Are you worry wart like me? Liza says entertaining is all about being yourself and taking it easy!

Liza showed us that cooking can be short, sweet and still D-LISH by showing us how to make an amazingly quick pizza with apples and manchego cheese, and a dessert perfect for the holidays with a hint of peppermint! Yum! Check her site here for the recipes!

All in all I realized that even with my nuts schedule, I too can entertain! I just have to find the right food, put a spin on things and, of course, be myself!

Are you big entertainer? Do you like to be the host?