Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

MOMMY MONDAY: Babiekins Magazine!!

Its MOMMY MONDAY! Every two weeks I feature mommy entrepreneurs (Mom-Preneurs) WHO ROCK!This week, check out an inspirational mother of two from California who started a fashion magazine
for kids! We're talking to Priscila Barros editor of Babiekins Magazine!!

You want kids fashion? Check! Kids decor ideas? Check! The magazine is full of gorgeousness for kids of all ages. I am so excited to feature Priscila on Mommy Monday because I have seen her grow tremendously over the last two years and growth, inspiration and love for kids is exactly what Mommy Monday is ALL about!

Wanna learn more about Priscila? READ ON!

1. Why did you start Babiekins Magazine?
I went to school for fashion design but after having my first son my focus on my own
shifted from me to my little one. I was constantly looking for toys and clothes and
anything amazing for him and thought that other mothers would benefit from having a
place where they could find all things amazing for kids- in one place!

2. What's the best part about doing the magazine?
I really love creating. There is always something fun that my team and I come up
with and its so rewarding to be able to plan shoots and concepts and then see them
being carried out. I also love to see people from all over the world enjoying the
magazine because that was one of the main things I wanted when I started Babiekins.
I didn't want Babiekins audience to be focused on just one place. So its really fun
to get emails in other languages, blog posts from people in other countries, shops
and designers from all over the globe telling me how much they enjoy the magazine.

3. If you could have a second job in the magazine, what would it be? Why?
Probably a stylist because I love fashion and the Babiekins team works well together
anyway. We are always bring props, helping each other on looks at the photo shoots
(adding things/taking away things) so it's something I already help with and love. I
think we might have one of the best stylist (Heather Rome) and shes kinda that
person that finishes my sentences ...we really get each other and its so nice to
work with her at the shoots.

4. What's your favorite feature in the magazine to date?
I like our eye spy feature that we put in front of every issue because it was such a
fun and original idea and helps the kids who read the magazine with their parents
get engaged.



5. What's the hardest part about working on the magazine and being a mom? How do you balance it all?
The balancing act is super hard and I don't know when I'll get the hang of it. I
think as woman we kinda just live learning to balance things. How else can we be
moms and business woman and wives and everything else? Its hard! I try to not work
on the weekends, make sure that I spend the precious time with my kids like reading
books before bed and doing little crafts. My kids are super into Babiekins and
always are thinking of shoot concepts. HA! Its super cute.


6. Give me two words to describe your boys' style
Casual vintage

7. Whats next for Babiekins?
Print! So super excited about going to print. It's really step in this journey we
are in and we have been very happy with the reaction to big distributor stores like
Barns and Noble who just loved it! The issue is going to be amazing! We have
amazing photographers on board for it and a lot of unique and cute little features!

Make sure to check out the latest of Babiekins Magazine here! You won't be dissapointed!

Do you know a Mom-preneur who ROCKS? Talk to me, I might feature them on MOMMY MONDAY!