Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Mommy Monday: Darling Clementine

It's Mommy Monday - my day to feature mom-preneurs who totally ROCK! This week, check out one of my fav online shops for kids, Brooklyn-based Darling Clementine. Ran by mom-preneur Lindsay Meyer-Harley, Darling Clementine is the go to shop for unique finds for little ones!  

I just had to feature Lindsay. Darling Clementine boasts a curated collection of stylish finds for kids ranging from eco-friendly toys to super stylish duds! Adorable finds that are eco-conscious? Darling Clementine is totally my kind of shop! Check out our interview with Lindsay below and check out some SUPER cute photos of her daughter Juliette - boy is she a little fashionista!

Why did you start your Darling Clementine?

I started Darling Clementine because I couldn't stop myself! I just adore children's style and love the ability kids have to really wear what they want! Of course it's parents in most cases choosing the items from clothing to toys to books, but I think that's what makes Darling Clementine special, these items appeal to both the adult and the child.

Why did you decide to include eco-friendly items in the shop?

Oh this was a no brainer. I started an eco-chic lifestyle blog years ago, Urban Branches which focused on the living the eco lifestyle while living in big city. Being kind to the planet we live on is a lifestyle we should all be living. I can't say that everything I sell is eco-friendly, or that everything I do is either, but it's at the core of by beliefs to put the planet first. I do include companies with brilliant products that might not be conventionally eco friendly, but they might do other things like produce locally, package in reusable materials and use non-toxic ingredients.

What's your favorite part about living in NYC with Juliette?

The vibrancy of the city, the diversity, the face on any given day Juliette hears many different languages, sees people of many backgrounds and can enjoy food from around the world. The world is a big place, and I want her to be aware of that reality. Plus the city offers so much for kids, you just gotta dig around a bit, get out of the indoor playrooms and get out there!

What's your favorite brand you sell in the shop?

Oh gosh, what a question! If I had to narrow down a few choices, I would say...I absolutely adore all the animals from Hazel Village and I can't get enough of the Atsuyo et Akiko tees for kids. I want them all in my size!

Give us one word to describe Juliette's style?

Subtly Bohemian (ok that's 2 words!)

Wasn't it cool learning more about Lindsay? She is so fab!  Make sure to check out her online shop for some fun winter wear, here and organic wear on sale here

Happy Monday!