Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Mommy Monday: Illustrator Love!


Since I am a mom-preneur, producing Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City!, I love to hear stories of other mom's turning their passions into a business. So I am starting to feature business savvy, super-fabulous moms on Mommy Mondays! This week I am featuring Alissa Staples, an amazing illustrator from Vancouver, Canada.  Alissa is a mom of two little girls, and an amazing artist!  Check out my interview below to learn more about her, and get some tips on the coolest places to hang in Vancouver with kids! Be sure to check out her website here, she has a great blog with illustrations you and your kids will love!

Tiffany: How long have you been drawing?

Alissa:  I have loved to draw ever since I can remember!  Arts and Crafts was my
favorite time in kindergarten.  When I got older, I loved drawing my
favorite comic book characters, and sometimes I would even draw in bed
before I went to sleep!

Tiffany: What's your favorite place in Canada to go with your little ones?

Alissa: The city we live in, Vancouver, is a really fun place. My daughters and I
really like an area in Vancouver called Granville Island. I like going
to the public market to get fresh food to cook for dinner, and my kids love
the children's market that has several toy shops, a play area, and in the summer
there is a waterslide in the park. We also love going to shows at Carousel Theatre
for Young People on Granville Island. They are a theatre for kids, and I did the artwork
for their posters for the last two seasons. My daughter Sophie is 4 and
she loves meeting the actors!

Tiffany: What would you want to see on a visit NYC?

Alissa: We have never been to NYC but I really, REALLY want to go there someday
soon! I only know of NYC from the movies. I want to see Times Square and
how busy it is, and my family would love to have a picnic in Central Park.

Tiffany: Whats your favorite illustration you've made and why?

Alissa: All of them! I love coming up with new characters and expressions, and
they end up feeling like little friends after I finish an illustration.
Right now I like drawing animal characters because I get to imagine how
they would do different things. How would a hippo play a cello? How do
pigs dance ballet? It's fun to think about stuff like that.

Isn't Alissa's work amazing? Which is your favorite illustration above?

Know of any other fab mom-preneurs we should feature on Mommy Mondays? Let me know below!