Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

MOMMY MONDAY: The Baby Shopaholic

You know I love shopping for Tristin and Tyler, why just take a look at my last"Tristin and Tyler's Threads" post here! BUT, I don't think I can top my friend
Trina of The Baby Shopaholic! This mama of gorgeous little Peyton, is
addicted to shopping --- hence the name of her blog -- but boy does she find some
amazing items! From giveaways, to the hottest events in Atlanta, Trina has it all covered on
The Baby Shopaholic blog!

I am very happy to feature Trina on MOMMY MONDAY because her blog ROCKS and her readers
keep commenting and coming back to check out what she finds next (I being one of them).

Whether it's shoes for herself, or new trendy duds for Peyton, she has such effortless style and her

makeup is always perfect! How does she do that??

Check out my interview with Trina below! And make sure to visit her each week here!

1. Why did you start The Baby Shopaholic blog?

As soon as I found out I was having a girl I started going to town
shopping! She had a closet full of clothes and shoes before she was born.
I wanted to share the fabulous outfits I put her in with family and
friends. Rather than just texting and emailing pictures I started a blog.

2. What are your tips for juggling posting regularly, looking fabulous,
being a mom and a wife!

Line up as many posts as you can on Sunday! Then you don’t feel
overwhelemed each day to comeup with a new post.

My husband is very supportive of The Baby Shopaholic so we go over our
schedules to make sure one of us can take care of Peyton with our busy

As far as looking fabulous, invest in a great concealer! I work off of
little sleep and concealer keeps me from scaring people.

3. Describe Peyton's Style in two words!

Playful Chic

4. Describe your style in one word!

Aw man, just one? Classic Modern (mix of both).

5. If you were going on vacation to an exotic island and could only bring
one pair of shoes, which would you bring and why?

One pair? That would be hard! That's like asking me to bring one pair of
underwear! I guess it will be my black (as if I have multiple) Christian
Louboutins. Classic and would go with everything.

6. How do you choose who or what brands/events you promote on the blog?

I only share items that I buy or would buy and love and that I think my
readers would love as well! I have met so many beautiful people since blogging (Like
Tristin and Tyler’s mom) and I love to tell others about them.

7. Whats the best part about working on the blog? Whats up next for you?

Blogging gives me a much needed creative outlet! The Baby Shopaholic
allows me to combine my beautiful baby girl and fashion! You can’t get
better then that!

I have big plans for The Baby Shopaholic! I will be hosting some
fabulous events, styling, and working with non-profits that support
children in need.



Do you love her? Me too!!

Know of any mamas you think deserve some MOMMY MONDAY love?  Let me know!