Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

MOMMY MONDAY: The Little Style File

HAPPY MOMMY MONDAY! Every other week I feature a mommy entrepreneur WHO ROCKS!  This week, I am ecstatic to feature Betsy Burt-Breuer of THE LITTLE STYLE FILE.  If you haven't checked out this kids fashion blog, you're missing out! With great fashion finds for kids in posts like this one and tons of giveaways, its THE place to be to keep your kids in style! 

Featuring Betsy on Mommy Monday was a no-brainer! Not only is she a great mom-preneur because took on a partner and moved from one very successful blog to another seamlessly (learn about it below), she is also a huge supportor of other mom-preneurs like me.  It was Betsy's idea for a fun street style video series with Tristin and Tyler on The Little Style File! Betsy has been amazing at supporting what we do, so I am SUPER excited to support her as well! Make sure to go to her site here, and subscribe to her blog!

Learn more about this mama on the move below!  Take some notes, ladies!


1. When did your love of fashion for kids begin?

My love for fashion started at a very young age. I have vivid memories of shopping with
my mom at the age of 4 and telling her what I wanted to wear. I was styling
my neighbor at the age of 7. I was a fashion merchandising major but didn't realize
my true love for kids fashion until I was pregnant with Mia! I remember searching
on the internet and finding the most adorable clothing for her. I was hooked!

2. How did you turn your love into a platform that people love?

Coolkids really happened all on a whim. I had no plan or agenda. In March of 2010
I realized I needed a creative outlet. I started the Coolkids blog.

3. You moved from the Coolkids blog to The Little Style File. What advice can you give to people
who want to change up their platform or strategy in business?

Focus on what you love. I love blogging but it is the passion for kids clothing and
products that really make it all worth it. Being a stay at home mom to a 2 year old
and 5 year old is tough but it is rewarding having a creative outlet that makes me
happy. Juggling it all can be super hard! My business partner, Kristin Cheuvront
is wonderful. It is awesome to have someone to support you, bounce off ideas on
and be your strength when you are having a bad day! Kristin and I make a
great team and that is what has made The Little Style File!

4. Describe your kids' style in two words!

Two words? That is hard! Dylan has become my little Rocker boy! Mia has a sassy preppy look.

5. Describe your business style in one word!

6. What's the most versatile piece of clothing your kids own?
For Mia a cute denim mini is essential for every season! She can wear it with
about just anything in her closet! For Dylan a great pair of jeans is essential.
For boys jeans I adore H & M.

7. Whats the best part about working on TLSF? What would you change?
The best part of working on TLSF is one that surprised me, sharing the experience with my kids!
I also have been lucky to be blessed with a wonderful partner and friend. Our kids
have a special bond and it is always fun seeing them appear in videos and posts on
TLSF. It is also great to connect with wonderful brands, public relations
representatives, followers on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!

Whatcha think? Do you love Betsy and The Little Style File as much as we do?  I thought so! :) 

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