Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

MOMMY MONDAY: Today I Ate A Rainbow

It's MOMMY MONDAY: My day to feature mommy entrepreneurs who ROCK!  This week I'm featuring a multi-tasking mama helping kids eat right by making it fun! Meet Kia from Today I Ate A Rainbow! Today I Ate A Rainbow focuses on finding tools to help children eat healthy - we love that!

I decided to start the Get Cooking with Tristin and Tyler video series so parents can learn how to make healthy meals with their kids. I need all the help I can get so in addition to the series, I was happy to try out Kia's Rainbow Kit! It is the best! The boys love the challenge of trying to eat fruits and veggies of all colors in the rainbow.

Not only is Kia making sure her company is growing, she is super active in her daugher Hannah's school, has another company she runs with her husband and has Hannah making meals on her own! Now does she rock or what?

Wanna learn more about how she does it? Read on!


1. What is Today I Ate A Rainbow and why did you start it?

Today I Ate A Rainbow is a product we created that turns healthy eating into a fun
game! The goal of the game is to get kids (and parents) eating 5 colorful fruits and
veggies Eat A Rainbow!

2. What is the hardest part about building your brand and being a mom?

Finding the time for everyone and everything! It can be really challenging trying to
split time, energy and focus in multiple directions. I just try to remind myself to
be in the moment, when I'm working to focus on that and when I'm with Hannah to just
focus on our time together!

3. Give us moms one tip for staying organized!

Make lists!!! I have a master list for the month and then I write daily lists.
Whatever doesn't get accomplished on the daily list goes to the top on the next
day's list!

4. Whats your favorite kid-friendly recipe?

Kale Chips!!! They are easy to make and a great way for kids to enjoy kale. We love
them so much we made a video

5. What's Hanna's favorite?

That would be a tie between Kale Chips and Granola :)

6. What's next for the brand?

We have just re-launched our site and have added lots of free resources like fruit
and veggie coloring pages, a rainbow eaters certificate and a new chart called Today
I Tried. The new chart is a tool that will help parents keep track of how many
times they have served a new food because it can take at least 10 exposures to a new
food before it is accepted. We are also busy making more In The Rainbow Kitchen kids
cooking videos! I'm planning to write more books in our Rainbow Bunch series this
year as well. Always lots going on!

7. Give us one word to describe your business style? And why?

Friendly! Because that is always my first instinct...that is why I love social media
it's a great platform for connecting and supporting each other! That's how I
connected with you and I'm SO glad I did :)

Don't you just love Kia? What do you think of the Rainbow Kit? Would you try it? I did and it totally works!

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