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No Kiddies, Now What?

So, I wake up this morning, go for a run and then come back to find that my husband decides he wants to go to the movies with his sons! We are arguing, so I guess I wasn't invited, but there is NOOO problem there!!  Bye, bye boys, big hugs and kisses, and off they go!   While most Sundays are calm and cool days in the house watching DVDs (for the four of us), today I realized "No kids, now what?"

So many thoughts ran through my head, the first? wow, I will miss them, the second? What on earth will I do with all this free time??

So I started to clean.  I mopped, did dishes, put away some laundry and then I realized - I would have done this if they were here so I screeched to a halt!

Now what??  Mani and a Pedi!! What a great idea! Go to the salon, maybe a massage?  So many options, so little time before they return!

My next thought, BLOG!! So here I am blogging away about what I should do.  Still confused about it, and at this point I am realizing that if I don't make my mind up soon, they will be back and I can say "asta la vista" to any alone time! No, no, no - can't let that happen.  So as I end this confusing, all-over-the-place blog, I have decided to take a shower, walk out the door and figure it out outdoors!

It's funny how you can lose yourself in all that you do in day, whether it's watching your kids, cleaning or working.  I forget sometimes that I am still a young woman with great friends and family to hang out with.  So, with that in mind, I will do some of the things I love which are always hard to do with kids: hang out with the rest of my family, have a glass of wine, buy a new book, blog and just enjoy my city...

Off I go!  Talk to you soon...

Oh, still miss em... :(