Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

"Pass the manners, please!"

So, I've talked about it, and talked about it but I really can't say enough amazing things about socialsklz tools for the modern world! The boys had an amazing time working with founder, Faye Rogaski and her oh, so fab crew.

What is socialsklz?  A company dedicated to teaching kids how to make it in this crazy world, using manners, etiquette and overall tips and tricks to move ahead in life!

Confidence is so important in this social media age.  As we know, these days kids will post anything on a public forum just to humiliate a peer.  I love that socialsklz instills confidence in the kids so that if a child is humiliated or disrespected they have the wherewithal to handle it. Our youth really needs this sort of program, now more than ever.

What I noticed when I left the workshops with the boys is that they LOVE to use what they've learned.  They would say "Mom, you didn't look me in the eye when you shook my hand!" or "Mom, your cup should be over here when you set the table."

My favorite tool that the boys learned (and consistently implement) is covering the phone receiver when they yell "MOMMY, THE PHONE!!" instead of yelling in the ear of the person on the other end. HOW CUTE AND POLITE IS THAT??!!

Stay tuned for the episode and in the meantime, check out socialsklz!