Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Separation + Pizza = Meltdown!

Because I have twin boys, I think it's really important that they each have their own identity.   They already dress the same (because I just can't help myself) and have the same birthday, so each year I put them in separate classes in school and always  encourage them to build their own friendships. So, I was happy to let Tyler go on a playdate with a pal of his after school one day and I was absolutely certain that Tristin would love the alone time with me because he is a bit competitive when it comes to my attention, but I was sooo WRONG!

Play-by-Play of our time together without Tyler:

Off to the pizza shop, just us two!!

10 minutes in Tristin says:  "Do you think Tyler is eating now too?"

30 seconds later Tristin says: "Do you think Tyler is playing now?" then...

30 seconds after that: "Wonder if Tyler is having fun, we should bring him back some pizza."

30 seconds later:  Tristin starts to draw, which he loves, so I assume he is content.

10 minutes later we're on our way out of the pizza shop:  "Are we picking him up now?"

I told him we were going to enjoy some TV and cookies, just the two of us.  He didn't seem too enthused, and looked very uneasy.

1 hour later: "Is Tyler sleeping over his friend's house? It's so dark out!"

10 minutes pass : "Is Tyler coming back?"

So being the great mother that I am :)  I sit Tristin on my lap and console him... so I thought.   He walked away seemingly satisfied that his brother would indeed return, but, three minutes later he he does a belly flop on the floor (that HAD to hurt) and begins crying like crazy, he yells: "Oh my god, I miss him so much, why won't he come back!? It's dark out, we are never apart when it's dark....ahh!"

I was sooo surprised!  I must admit it was nice to see that he loved his brother so much, but obviously, I had no clue how much!!

Do your kids ever experience SEVERE separation anxiety?  What have  you done in the past to ease the pain?