Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Spring Neutrals


It's technically Spring, but it totally doesn't feel like it. We are a few days away from Easter Sunday and I am still wearing my heaviest coat! I guess that's why when I styled this shoot for the boys I couldn't quite put them in "Spring" colors - I had to ease my way into brights since the weather is not cooperating.  I love these neutrals though!

THE SHOOT - We were visiting family in Long Island so I put all of the clothes, accessories and boots in the trunk of the car and I knew I had to find a spot to get some clean lines outdoors. I found a parking lot on the side of a mall that had this really cool shadow from the sun setting -see above their heads in this first pic, and in Tristin's walking solo pic below?

THE STYLING - It was all about a hint of Spring with the florals, but stepping back from doing any real Spring/Easter colors. Neutrals are always a great way to transition to new seasons. Tristin has a suede jacket and Tyler's is quilted and an olive green. Love all of the small details you can only see from up close.

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xo, Tiffany