Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

City Kites in the Sky, Oh My!

tristy snocones

Free kites, food, face painting and snow cones for all! OH MY!

Flying kites on a beautiful Sunday so high in the sky!

Tristin, Tyler and their 12 year-old cousin Maine, attended the 6th Annual Kite Flight sponsored by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District atop the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street.

Not only was watching the kids get their kites up in the air for more than 30 seconds (with no wind) amazing, but my husband and I were oh-so amused by watching how many kids:

1. strangled their parents with kite strings or

2.  got a bump on their noggin with other kids who were doing full-on Olympic Games-worthy sprints while looking up at their kites, and paying no attention to the objects (or people) in front of them.

Common statements heard at the event:

1.  "Ouch!"

2. "Watch where you're going!"

3. "You're choking me!"

One of the highlights of the event was seeing Tiffany Threadgould of Replayground who joined TerraCycle to make and fly kites made out of recycled M&M and Oreo packaging - so cool!

What a great event to end the Summer and start the Fall!!