Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Taking Care of Trees is a Breeze!

Did you know that Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan has a wonderful nature center?  The nature center has tons of information about the park and in its inhabitants. The park rangers conduct educational programs and host nature hikes for free! Oh yeah!

On the next episode ofTristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! -- coming up tomorrow -- the boys visit with Sgt. Sunny Corrao of the Parks Department to learn all about caring for NYC trees!

The boys got a chance to enjoy the nature center and learn how to care for trees, which will really come in handy given the amount of fallen trees in NYC lately! They also learned that Million Trees NYC, an initiative of the Parks Department and the New York Restoration Project, has a goal to plant and care for ONE MILLION new trees over the next ten years! Tristin and Tyler are so ready to pitch in!

So, watch the episode tomorrow and make sure you're paying attention, because Tristin and Tyler are going to quiz you and your little ones on what you've learned! So play along, and let's see what you and the kids can remember!