Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

The Weekend What? The Beach

Happy Monday! I am starting a feature called The Weekend What? A recap of what Tristin and Tyler did or hope to do over the weekend. I also want to know what you did over the weekend! I think it's a great way to inspire eachother to find things to do whether it's about getting outdoors, crafting, cooking or just plain doing nothing.

This weekend Tristin and Tyler got the awesome opportunity to be featured in a fashion campaign for a SUPER cool boys brand! The photo shoot was in the Hamptons ON THE BEACH. Yes, the beach! We've never been to the Hamptons so it was a nice trip. A day off from work, a long drive and hours on a beach. Very relaxing. I can't show any pictures from the shoot yet, but in the meantime, enjoy these images from our time in the sand.....doesn't it make you want to read a good book by the shore?

Get to the beach! This trip made me realize that you don't have to get in the water or be in a swimsuit to enjoy the beach!