Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin + Tyler Featured In: Growing up NYC

Living in New York City has it's challenges including small living spaces, crowded streets and of course how expensive things can be. However, I must say that there are definitely benefits -- especially for a creative family like mine. You can see a movie being filmed on one corner, see a graffiti wall in progress on the next, and stroll on into a free art show or outdoor festival.

In the summer, Tristin auditioned for a chance to be in a New York City initiative that would be a resource for parents with kids in NYC called Growing Up NYC.  From events, to after school programs, to tips on how to recognize risky behaviors in your pre-teen, this site is a great tool for NYC parents. Tristin booked the job (yay!) and you can now see him on the website, and on posters in the subway and the streets of NYC.

See a few behind the scenes photos below and please tag a post with with #tristinandtyler on social media if you see any around the city!

xo, Tiffany

A subway poster you may see!

A subway poster you may see!