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Tristin + Tyler's Threads: Chasing Fireflies Custom PJs


I am really shocked at how fast the holidays are approaching! Are you? Yikes! I truly can't beleive it. Well, I might as well get used to it and make sure the boys are ready for the holidays in style. What we're loving right now? Chasing Fireflies customized PJs! I thought the boys would say, "No way, mom -- we're not wearing the same thing!" but they were SUPER excited to pick out their matching pajamas and custom santa hats. I'm all about quality. I want the boys to be comfortable because I can't stand itchy, hot pajamas. When the package arrived, I was so happy to find that the pajamas were soft, airy and the boys were very comfortable. Honestly, the boys haven't taken the pajamas off for TWO days (don't worry, they still bathe! LOL).

So if you haven't already, check out Chasing Fireflies cusomized PJs. They even have them for adults, I was just to chicken to get a pair and wear them with the boys on this blog. You know how shy I am by now, don't act shocked!

Happy Holidaze!