Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin + Tyler's Threads: petitePARADE Outfit #1


Tristin + Tyler hosted their second season of Kids Fashion Week!!  It was super exciting for them (and me!). I am big fan of kids being little entrepreneurs and encouraging them to try different things to see what they love to do. petitePARADE Kids Fashion Week is always an awesome experience the boyz and so many other kids because you get a chance to check out kids expressing themselves. From the stunning models, to petite fahsionistas sitting front row and even a kid photographer, this year we didn't just enjoy the garments - the kids rocked. 

Now, on with the style! Tristin + Tyler had three (yes, three) outfit changes as they hosted. I sourced from a ton of diferent places, and my sister Elena - who is a fashion executive - helped put the looks together. We went outside the U.S. and worked with some really cool brands you might not know yet -- you're welcome!

loud collage

LOVING these this super-comfy clothes by Loud Apparel. Loud is based in London, but because the creator is Italian, there is a mix of both a London + Italian flair in all of their pices. The best part? The boys were so comfortable as they memorized their lines, meeted and greeted people in a busy child and photograher filled, backstage.

The boots? Oh, the boots. How we love thee. I mean really, there isn't much to say about how awesome these boots are, just look at them! And if we know Dr. Martens, we know they are durable.


Have you heard of Brian Lichtenberg? He is huge with celebrities for his gear and accessories that mock famous clothing brands. Tristin rocked this gold and black "Homies" tee --  a play off of the brand Hermes. I love how the gold matched his glasses. It looks great on stage.


The brown boots? Of course! Dr. Martens. Oh, did you notice the boys HATE to tie their shoes! Ahhh! Drives me nuts, but looks cute, huh?

Stay tuned for a recap of our favorite looks from Kids Fashion Week and a rundown of outfits 2 and 3 tomorrow.