Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin & Tyler's Threads: The Classics

Every kid needs certain items in their closet, right? Just like a woman needs a little black dress, kids need THE CLASSICS!  Some of my FAV classics for kids are rain coats and classic all star sneakers!



A lot of brands have made their own versions of all star sneakers. In these pics, the boys have on a pair by H&M. I ADORE them because they have FAKE LACES (woo hoo) which makes it so easy for the kids to get out the door in the mornings!



Spring is on the way so I love the boys' Polarn O. Pyret rain jackets! Why? They are SUPER bright, light weight and have reflectors which are great for safety! Check out the pics!




 Do your kids have these classics in their closets? Where are yours from?