Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin & Tyler's Threads: Warmin' up in Stella McCartney Kids

Baby, it's cold outside! So we're featuring the hottest outerwear for stylish kiddies to warm things up a bit -- starting with Stella McCartney Kids. 


Can you believe how fast it has turned bitter cold out? After Sandy, the weather did a huge switch and now I am wearing my heaviest coat to work everyday.  I love this Stella bubble jacket. Not only is it warm, the color is super bright - and you know how I love little details. Check out the royal blue zipper and the little deer in the back. Adorable!

I adore Tyler's yellow parka. What makes it awesome? It looks like a regular raincoat and is waterproof, but the material is not flimsy, cheap plastic. It also has a really warm removable lining for those extra cold days. And the details - oh how I love 'em - check out the zipper in the back!

Behind the scenes note: this shot of Tyler on the fence is so cute to me because he was working SO hard not to fall off. Hee hee!

So which would your kid rock? The parka or the bubble? Either way, Stella has done it again!