Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tyler Featured In Under Armour HOLIDAY

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If you follow us on Instagram, you know that Tyler and I took a trip to Baltimore recently to work on a shoot for Under Armour. He also had a super-sized poster of him in Kohls. Tyler has a huge love affair going on with UA since it's the brand who creates  the sneakers and apparel from Stephen Curry, Tyler's favorite player on the Golden State Warriors. These days basketball is all Tyler does and talks about!  So it's super fitting that he has been working with this brand so much, not to mention their apparel is hot.

Going to Baltimore was fun, but it was definitely odd going away with just one of my boys, I must say.  I was so impressed with Tyler's work ethic and focus. He worked for hours and never had one complaint or issue. It helped that the UA team was super nice and praised him for his professionalism and he got to take home some product he was dying for.  If you're doing any last minute holiday shopping, definitely check out Under Armour, and look for Tyler all over the boys section!

Happy Holidays! xo