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Upcycle This! Paper Towel Rolls

Happy Thanksgiving EVE!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love my family, but I'm pretty sure the real allure of the holiday is the fact that I can eat, eat, eat and then eat again the next day because of all of the left overs.  So, in honor of thanksgiving, Tristin and Tyler wanted to make Native Americans!

As you know, I love to do crafts, but in order for it to work with our busy schedule, I always make sure the project is quick, fun and easy to clean up. This craft is no exception!  So, while you wait for the turkey to cook, keep the kids busy with this upcycling craft!

Let's get started!


1. Different color construction paper

2. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls

3. Scissors

4. Glue stick


First, ask the kids which color paper they would like (they will love mixing and matching different colors) and then cut a strip of paper about three inches wide so that it covers just three quarters of the paper roll.  This strip will be the clothing.  Then, cut another strip about an inch wide which will be the Native American's headband.

Then cut feathers in another color. The more colors and feathers the better.

Attach the band you cut to the roll using the glue stick. It should go all they way around the roll.  This will be the Native American's clothing.

Then attach the thinner strip (the "headband") to the top of the roll the same way, and add the feathers.

Now the kiddies can draw a face on the cardboard and TA DA!! A little Native American!

Easy set up, clean up and the kids will love to play with what they've created!

Happy Thanksgiving!!