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What's Cool: The Amazing Spiderman 2

spider_man_2_movie_poster_wallpaper_3_by_professoradagio-d7g7jfyWe are BIG movie fans over here at Tristin + Tyler headquarters, and when it comes ot super heros, I'll admit that Spiderman is my favorite! Oh and after watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, Tyler has moved Iron Man out of the #1 spot on his list and moved Spiderman right on in. We were so excited to be invited by The Moms to check out the New York City premiere of the movie and meet some really cool celebrities! From Pharrell, rapper Kendrick Lamar to Spiderman himself, Andrew Garfield, and Jami Foxx, the stars were out and shining!  Spiderman showed up on top of a bus and waved to fans as he did backflips! The boys were ecstatic! We also got a chance to see the film and and play the new Amazing Spiderman 2 game for Playstation! What a night!

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The movie was great.  Not only was it suspensful, but I can't help but adore how Peter Parker is sooo in love Gwen Stacey, who is played by Emma Stone. Great for adults, but a little scary if you have kids under 10 -- Electro/Jami Foxx does a great job as a villain.  The special effects were good, plot was GREAT but you know me, I refuse to give away any spoilers so you'll have to see it yourself!  Here's a peek at the trailer! Make sure to go see the movie on May 2!!