Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

What's Up, July?


Yea, I'm shocked too. It's officially JULY. JULY? Really? I feel like we just got into the summer and it's ending already. I am glad school is over for the boys though. 4th grade was pretty tough. I slowed down a lot on producing videos, photo shoots, etc. because the year was really taxing on them. I'm glad they get a break now - I get a break too - homework was hard on me as well!  Anyway, I look forward to a ton of fun in the sun. Here's what's up for July with Tristin + Tyler:

         New Videos - We're taking a look at the coolest things to do in NYC with a Tristin + Tyler twist. You'll love these short videos with a big punch!

         Cooking + Tutorials - As you know, the LOVE to cook, so we are sharing tips on recipes kids can make on their own! The boys also want to show you a few of their favorite hobbies.

         Events + Giveaways - Yep, we've got a few cool events up our sleeve! Some are all about style, others, just about having fun. Either way, you'll want to join   in for a chance to have a good time, and win really fun prizes!!

Tell us below, what do YOU have going on this summer??