Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Where did the Summer Go: Summer Recap

Tristin + Tyler in UNAUTHORIZED

Tristin + Tyler in UNAUTHORIZED

An entire Summer has passed and although we’ve been pretty active on Instagram, we were pretty quiet on this website. Why? Honestly, life happened and we just didn’t document all of it. The boys had a pretty busy summer, work got super busy for me, family time because extra important and since we bought a new house a few months back, we really focused on finishing small projects and getting things in order before the Fall.

Now that we’ve pretty much gotten ourselves together, we’re back with more styling, new videos and television appearances. Since we did do a few shoots over the summer, I wanted to share a quick recap before we get into our Fall posts! Hope you enjoy and I hope you’re summer was AWESOME! You can click the image to the right to see the rest of the pictures in each gallery.

The boys have definitely grown, so although it’s a bit scary for me as their mom, as their stylist I was excited to explore new brands for them over the last few months. One of my favorites? Unauthorized. All of their pieces look SO great on the boys and they have an adult line as well so you’ll be seeing Tristin + Tyler wearing this brand a ton. Unauthorized’s neutral palette over the summer was so simple + comfortable, but each piece looked so “dressy” on the boys so they were able to go to auditions, and then hang out afterwards. Go check them out!

I had to get one good super “summer-ish” post in, and that was my 4th of July post. I loved mixing and matching to make the perfect combo of red, white and blue with items from Ralph Lauren with basics from The Gap. This was a super fun shoot that really got me back into shooting this summer when I was still on a “break.”

This shoot might have been my favorite. Something about the way the different blues played off of each other really made me feel like we weren’t in NYC — even though we were on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It almost felt like Miami. My favorite items were the MOLO striped shorts and the written-on Forever 21 shirt. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

I wanted to move around over the summer and find new shoot locations, so I went back to where I grew up in Washington Heights, NYC. This shoot was pretty cool because the boys actually wore ALL ADULT clothing. Everything they have on was an extra small men’s item. I can’t believe I am styling my boys as adults. YIKES! My favorite pieces here are Tristin’s floral pants and Tyler’s shirt from H&M…men’s line!!!

Although the boys barely saw one of their best friends, Brianna, this summer (she was in sailing camp, yes SAILING - she can sail a boat guys!!). Anyway, I wanted to do an end of summer, keeping it local shoot. You know that feeling when you just want to enjoy the last few weeks staying local and enjoying your neighborhood - yes, that feeling. I think I kind of hit the mark with beach chairs on the street, the ghetto mini pool and red drinking cups. On another note, how gorgeous and grown is Brianna?? Super shocking that’s she’s so grown, but she’s still the sweetest. The boys have Forever 21 trunks on and Bri brought her own items based on my direction.

Time really does fly. I’m excited that all of these teens are still super sweet even though they are official high schoolers - crazy but true! Get ready for some Fall and Winter inspiration guys! I’m baaccckkkkk! xo