Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.


So Tristin + Tyler have been reporting on cool kid stuff + going green since they were about 6 years old, yep 6! You can see from their first episode that we've come a long way. So we're so excited to revamp on YouTube and start having videos available to you EVERY MONDAY!  We've been kind of sporadic with videos, but we're changing that.  We're talking about going behind the scenes of some really cool hotspots for families, inside the fashion showrooms of brands you love and - since the boys are really taking a "producer" role in their brand, a whole lotta funny stuff too. So, I've gotta question for ya: will you subscribe to Tristin + Tyler's YouTube channel? Just hit the red SUBSCRIBE button here - that's it!

Now, if you're new to, or the brand in general, well -- hello there! Our new YouTube trailer video above gives you a peek into all that these two little guys do. Get to know HOW WE DO IT and please feel free to share it with the world!

xo, Tiffany