Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Writing Radar Review with Battery POP!

Hey Guys!

We've got something fun to share from one of our favorite partners, batteryPOP! If you haven't checked them out yet, they are great platform for fun, informative and creative kids videos. Definitely a safe place for the kiddos to watch videos online. 

This time around Tyler and Tristin read Writing Radar by Jack Gantos, I won't give you too many details about the book, but the boys had such a good time reading it and creating their very own journals. Learn more about the book and get some writing tips that the kids will love by watching the video below! And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

xo, Tiffany

Halloween Yacht Party with TICKLE WATER

We love being one of the first to find out about cool new products, and then sharing it with the world! It's our job, isn't it? Well, we never want to disappoint, so say hello to Tickle Water, sparkling water for kids (and adults!). We were invited to a fun Halloween-themed party on a yacht to celebrate the launch of this unique brand. We are big fans already!

Love the packaging, the flavors and the fizz. The brand was created by mom Heather McDowell to encourage kids to drink water with a bit of a "tickle" for kids throats. Genius! If you have a kid that doesn't like to drink water, this may be your ticket! Check out a few pictures from the event below and then check out where you can find the product here.

xo, Tiffany

Photos/Creative/Styling: By Tiffany Casanova

Tristin Featured In: Tommy Hilfiger

So excited to share Tristin's shoot for Tommy Hilfiger! Tommy Hilfiger is coming out with their own school uniforms. Tristin booked this casting last year and it shot in December and the images just came out this week! Takes a long time to see images from your shoot or commercial sometimes, but it was worth the wait don't you think!

xo, Tiffany

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.29.18 PM.png

Threads: Cousin Madison in Gap Kids

Gap Kids has pretty much always been a staple in my family.  It's just what my sisters and I always wore. I recently met up with junior high school friends after 20 years and got reminded that in our yearbook, in the section that said where will be in 20 years, the entry for me said I would be "an owner of a GAP franchise". Well, there you have it! Now that Gap Kid-loving tradition keeps on going with Tristin + Tyler and my niece Maddie.

This past weekend I had so much fun shooting Maddie, who is now 5 years old, in Gap Kids. What energy this girl has! I took her down to Chelsea and she totally rocked this shoot with no jacket in 35 degree weather.  I love the mix of the patterns and textures of her outfit, you can thank her stylish mom for that. And her hair...oh that hair, if only!  :)

Check her out on instagram @madisonhavanna and let her know we sent cha!

xo, Tiffany

Photography + Creative Direction: By Tiffany Casanova

Tyler Featured In: Jersey Mike's Commercial

Tyler had the best time in this commercial for Jersey Mike's. Not only was the production company super fun and so great to the kids that were there, Tyler got to eat a sub sandwich on camera...over and over, and over again! As you probably know, boys love to eat so this was a double treat for him!  This month Jersey Mike's is giving away proceeds from their subs to local charities in their month of giving, so we were so excited that Tyler could take part in spreading the word about such a great organization, and worthy cause.

If you haven't had a Jersey Mike's sandwich, this is the best time to try it for sure! To learn more about Jersey Mike's Month of Giving, click here, and you can watch Tyler's commercial below or click here!  Let us know how you think he did! I think he stuffed his face pretty good! Lol!

xo, TIffany