Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Bye Bye Bullies: Empowering Kids Gear

Unfortunately, this year bullying has become an issue for the boys - and they are NOT the bullies. I can't imagine how horrible it feels for their confidence to be shaken, because it is absolute torture for me to hear them talk about it. So, as I mentioned in this post, I'm going to share as many resources as I can find in an effort to help you build confidence in your kids and combat bullying, one step at a time.

Have you heard of Polkadot What? This girl's clothing brand is all about building confidence and getting creative. Gals can design their own leggings by choosing colors and shapes. Each shape represents a different personality type. Is your kid smart? Strong? Unique? Tell the world with shapes and cool leggings!

I think the concept behind this is awesome. Anything that gets kids creative works for me!

Would you buy Polkadot What for your girl? Has your little one ever had to deal with bullying?


5 Children's Books to Combat Bullying - Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month which is a campaign to prevent bullying started by PACER's National Center for Bullying Prevention in 2006.

Tristin and Tyler have definitely been teased before. Recently, after a trip to the eye doctor, we learned that Tristin will need glasses for reading. He was actually excited about it (go figure!).  But the next day, I guess after it all set in, he asked me if I thought kids would make fun of him. It broke my heart that he was so concerned!

So, if you've dealt with your kids having been teased, bullied or maybe your child is the bully, I will be sharing some resources and activities this month (and going forward) that will hopefully give you some extra tools to help you and your children combat bullying.

In this post, it's all about helpful children's books.  Here are a few of my faves:

1. JUST KIDDING By Trudy Ludwig

Just kidding talks about the ways in which other kids make light of bullying. What happens if your friend says "just kidding"? Does that then make it okay? Trudy Ludwig has an amazing array of books about bullying that are great for school-aged kids. Also check out SORRY and MY SECRET BULLY.

2. STOP PICKING ON ME By Pat Thomas and Lesley Harker  Ages 4-7

For smaller children, this is a great pick. Bright and colorful, this book is a great introduction to bullying for kids who may not recognize the signs yet.

3. PINKY & REX AND THE BULLY By James Howe Ages 6-8

This is one of my favorite books because it deals with kids that may be a bit different. A boy who likes pink and plays with girls is being teased.  Very touchy subject, but definitely one to explore and a good read if your child is "different" because other children say so.

4. THE JUICE BOX BULLY: EMPOWERING KIDS TO STAND UP FOR OTHERS By Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy Ages 4 and up

This is a good book about taking action. Maybe your kid has never been bullied (great!!) but what if they've seen other kids get bullied or teased and they don't know how to help or don't want to say anything to an adult? This book is about taking action for others. Great read showing the importance of caring for friends and doing what's right.

5. BILLY BULLY By Ana Galan and Alvaro Galan Ages 4 and up

For smaller kids, this book touches on bullying and also has counting and rhyming. Another great intro book for kids.

I'm sure you've noticed the boys cool t-shirts. Learn how these tees help empower kids here.