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I am not big on new year's resolutions, and before kids, I really didn't take each new year as a time to re-assess goals for the upcoming year. But after I had these two gorgeous little handfulls, each year brings so much happiness and joy to my life that I am forced to set goals for our famly, our small business and our health. I'm so excited about what's to come and I thank each and every one of you who hang out with us here at!!! Get ready for some fun stuff coming your way this year!!!

We wish you all a super happy, healthy and safe 2015!!


Tristin, Tyler + Tiffany

DIY New Year's Party Hats!

DIYpartyhat COVER1

Can you believe it? 2015 is a day away. Well, for most people it's party time so the the boys and shot a video tutorial for making DIY New Year's Eve party hats. We didn't want to go through the process of making the hats in the video since that's pretty standard, instead we give you a few ideas for decorating them! Check the video out HERE or click the image ABOVE and ofcourse, please share and subscribe to our YouTube page!

Oh, and just in case you missed it, see our gift wrap segment on the Meredith Vieira show! Cool giftwrap is important ALL year long, not just during Christmas you know! LOL!!


Happy #TristinandTylerHOLIDAZE

Two little reindeer (and me!) just wanted to take a moment to wish all of our friends out there HAPPY HOLIDAZE! We hope you get to spend Christmas (or any other holiday) with your family, friends and people who make you smile. We're signing off until the new year....well, honestly you might see us here or here.... but either way, enjoy and see ya in the New Year ovah in this cool spot.



#1FunThing: How to Make a Christmas Banner


I spend so much time and effort decorating the Christmas tree every year with the boys, that I never really decorate my apartment. This year the boys asked "Why don't we ever decorate the apartment?" I didn't have an answer!  So, I made it a point to make a few decorations this year starting with a fun red and green banner that we can hang just about anywhere.  You can even make a mini banner to hang on your Christmas tree or make a  banner in any color to decorate your kiddos room or birthday party! You saw me use this banner in this post.  Isn't it fun!?? Here's how we made them! 

Materials:  Kid Made Modern construction paper + Scissors + a Ruler + Pencil + Craft String  + Tape + Pencil


bannercollage Use Kid Made Modern construction paper (it has glitter on it! yay!) in red and green. Pile each sheet of paper on top of eachother and draw triangles with a ruler. Then cut the triangles out.

SONY DSCYou should have a whole bunch of triangles after that!

SONY DSC Place the craft string in between the top of the triangle. Then fold the triangle over on top, and tape the edges closed. Keep doing this until you have a long string of triangles. Then you are done!


Enjoy and if you make a banner, share the pictures with us so we can share on our Instagram feed! Just tag #1FunThing or tag us at @tristinandtyler!

Happy crafting! xx

4 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Tristin + Tyler on CBS TV


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.18.12 PMTristin + Tyler were invited to go on the CBS morning television show LIVE FROM THE COUCH! The boys shared eco-friendly Thanksgiving crafts kids can do to keep busy while their parents are cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Each craft had a reusable element to it which is great for the planet! From decorating reusable napkins made by Kids Think Big, to making flowers out of coffee filters, the boys shared ways to dress up the Thanksgiving table with kid-made, planet-friendly crafts! The boys also used amazing plates and cups from Be Kind which are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is much better for the planet than plasic AND safe for kids because if it breaks, it doesn't shatter into a million sharp pieces.

Check out the segment below or see it here and let us know what you think! Special thanks to Kids Think Big and Be Kind, two awesome companies helping the planet and starting with our kids first!


Tristin + Tyler's Threads: Chasing Fireflies Custom PJs


I am really shocked at how fast the holidays are approaching! Are you? Yikes! I truly can't beleive it. Well, I might as well get used to it and make sure the boys are ready for the holidays in style. What we're loving right now? Chasing Fireflies customized PJs! I thought the boys would say, "No way, mom -- we're not wearing the same thing!" but they were SUPER excited to pick out their matching pajamas and custom santa hats. I'm all about quality. I want the boys to be comfortable because I can't stand itchy, hot pajamas. When the package arrived, I was so happy to find that the pajamas were soft, airy and the boys were very comfortable. Honestly, the boys haven't taken the pajamas off for TWO days (don't worry, they still bathe! LOL).

So if you haven't already, check out Chasing Fireflies cusomized PJs. They even have them for adults, I was just to chicken to get a pair and wear them with the boys on this blog. You know how shy I am by now, don't act shocked!

Happy Holidaze!


Eco + Kid-Friendly New Year's Eve Tips!

It's our last post of 2012! This year really flew by, huh? From shooting amazing episodes to Tristin + Tyler maturing into little creative men, this year has been awesome! In the new year, I hope that Tristin and Tyler, and our family as a whole, grow as individuals and continue on the same happy and healthy path. I wish the same for all of you. Tonight, Tristin & Tyler are sharing a few tips for an eco- and kid-friendly New Years Eve!!  Enjoy!

1. GET DRESSED UP!  Kids love to be little adults. So why not let them get dressed up on their own? The boys and I loved making these eco-friendly bow ties, Tristin's pocket square and our art wall. Instead of throwing things away we found a way to reuse them! We used old foil to make the stars on our wall, the center of the bow ties and Tristin's pocket square. We also used scraps of construction paper to make the rest of the tie.

2. HAVE SOME LAUGHS!  Play a fun game! Pictionary, charades, hide and go seek? Whatever game makes your family laugh the most, do it until the ball drops! Don't purchase anything new, just enjoy what you already have.

3. MAKE A KID-FRIENDLY TOAST! Kids always want to be little adults, so why not get them plastic flutes and serve them cookies and milk? Tristin and Tyler love doing that! Toast to new things you want to do next year. Not what you want to buy, just what you want to achieve; learn to ride a bike, try a new sport, travel more?

4. PARTAY!! Our favorite ways to partay is to have a dance party! We get tons of confetti throw it in the air, blast music and we all get a chance to dance on my bed. This is something we would never let the kids do otherwise, so it's a real treat. And they get to see mom and dad dance which is fun for T+T! Everyone gets a chance to ROCK OUT! Don't buy anything new. Use what you have at home to make your partay unique.

There you have it: cool New Year's Eve Tips from Cool Kids. Thanks for hanging with us this year. We have so much fun coming up in 2013. Stick around, pals!



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