Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Cool Kid Chronicles: Yamilah + Junior Style London

In this installment of Cool Kid Chronicles, we meet mini model and actress Yamilah! We took a trip to East Harlem and teamed up with the stylish site Junior Style London on this feature! Check out a few photos here, meet Yamilah in the interview below, and see the rest of the interview and more photos on Junior Style London here!

Photos/Styling/Photography by: Tiffany Casanova

Halloween Yacht Party with TICKLE WATER

We love being one of the first to find out about cool new products, and then sharing it with the world! It's our job, isn't it? Well, we never want to disappoint, so say hello to Tickle Water, sparkling water for kids (and adults!). We were invited to a fun Halloween-themed party on a yacht to celebrate the launch of this unique brand. We are big fans already!

Love the packaging, the flavors and the fizz. The brand was created by mom Heather McDowell to encourage kids to drink water with a bit of a "tickle" for kids throats. Genius! If you have a kid that doesn't like to drink water, this may be your ticket! Check out a few pictures from the event below and then check out where you can find the product here.

xo, Tiffany

Photos/Creative/Styling: By Tiffany Casanova

We Tried Pokemon GO! Here's What Happened!

With all the hype around the new app Pokemon GO! Tristin + Tyler had to check it out! I was a little skeptical because I had already heard stories of people running into the strangest things because they weren't paying attention to their surroundings, and of course, the boys had the same sort of issues.

Check out this funny video about their experience, and if you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe to their YouTube channel! :)



Tristin + Tyler's Threads: Is it Summer?

Tyler:  Bonnie Young Blazer, Molo Shirt from Babesta, Dr Martens // Tristin : Bonnie Young Jacket and Pants, Emile Et Ida Shirt from Shan and Toad and Dr. Martens

Tyler: Bonnie Young Blazer, Molo Shirt from Babesta, Dr Martens //Tristin: Bonnie Young Jacket and Pants, Emile Et Ida Shirt from Shan and Toad and Dr. Martens's a bit scary, but almost everyday this month the weather has been amazing, like a cool summer day in New York. Literally sixty degrees in the middle of December? Yep.

I can't say that I am disappointed, but it definitely doesn't feel right but...when it comes to style, you just gotta roll with the punches, right?  So to rise to the occasion, I pulled out some lighter colors and fabrics for the boys to rock.  Check out Tristin's jacket and pants, and Tyler's blazer from Bonnie Young, the hot Zebra top from online shop Shan and Toad by Emile Et Ida, and Tyler's Molo shirt from Babesta and of course, Dr. Martens. Stay tuned because this week we are giving away a free pair of Dr. Martens, BUT you have to sign up for our newsletter to enter to win!

By the way you'll notice the boys are seriously cracking up in these pictures, that was thanks to their friend Ava who hung out with us for a bit and could not stop making the boys giggle. 

What do you think about this weather? It is crazy warm where you are too?

xo, Tiffany

How cool are these jackets by Bonnie Young?

How cool are these jackets by Bonnie Young?

What's Cool: Throwboy!


THROWBOY3TEXT How cool are these emoji pillows by our friends over at Throwboy? When the team over at Throwboy sent these over I surprised the boys with them and they were ecstatic! They kept hugging them like they were their brand new friends! Lol! Not only do these pillows look cool, the feel awesome and the boys literally sleep with them, bring them to the couch while they watch TV, take them to the park and hang with them (ha!) and soon you'll also see them in our new video series What if...!  So, guess what Throwboy is giving our readers 15% off Throwboy products using code TRISTINANDTYLER for one week only!! So head to their site and see all of the fun designs they have. You're welcome! xo, Tiffany



Avengers: Age of Ultron #GreenCraft


Tristin + Tyler are SUPER excited about the new Avengers: Age of Ultron moving coming out this Friday!  Perfect time to make an eco-friendly trash/green craft, don't you think?? We've been doing green crafts for years, but we love to try and different ways to reuse old materials. This time, we used an old milk jug (my new favorite piece of trash to create with) and an old cardboard box in order to make two wearable super hero crafts!

Check out the video HERE or below and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE. We are really going start revving up on the video front and we SO want you along for the ride. If you go see the movie, let us know. We're definitely going and the boys will share their thoughts next week on YouTube!

xo, Tiffany

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 10.56.21 PM

MATERIALS: Hot glue gun + milk jug + cardboard + black paint/marker + red, white and blue markers + elastic + patch template

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.14.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.16.17 AM

Tristin + Tyler's Threads: White Jeans


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You know I always say that it's SO easy to shop for gals because brands make such a variety of clothing styles, patterns and textures for girls. For boys....not so much. I make it a point to do things with Tristin + Tyler that most parents won't do with boys because I just have to switch it up!  Take white denim for instance. Yes, I know, you're asking "am I crazy to put boys in white jeans?" The answer is: yes, I am. Now that the boys are older, I can go a little "over the top" and style the boys in white jeans for a lunch date or audition. Why not? Now, you won't see them in white denim on a play date to the ice cream shop, but when they have to hang with mom or attend a meeting - I can go crazy! Don't they look ready for a Spring outing? LOVE!

Plus these looks are super easy, try it out. I personally don't like white jeans with black shoes, but if you have brown or blue shoes, or white with details like Tristin Stella sneakers, you've got it made. What do you think about white clothing on kiddos? Totally against it, or all for it - for the right occasion?

xo, Tiffany





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