Tristin + Tyler's mom and producer, Tiffany, takes you behind the scenes of the brand.

Tristin + Tyler Featured On: THE TODAY SHOW

WOWZA, I  mean really!?? The Today Show? We are actually still in shock and still reeling after our fun time with Hoda and Kathie Lee on The Today Show last week. The boys were so excited to show their crafting chops and share DIY instructions on how to make egg carton caterpillars, embezzeled crowns, jewelery and our FAVE, mini terrariums! The show got really funny when Tyler kept saying "My mom made this!" and "My dad made that!" boy was he proud of his parents taking after HIS footsteps.

We loved being on the show, what a great team these women have behind them. And Hoda and Kathie Lee? Soooo down to earth and hilarious on and OFF the camera! They rock! We hope to be back there soon!  If you missed the show, no worries! We have it for ya here! Let us know what you think! xx


Tyler on the FOOD NETWORK!

rachael vs guy2

Tristin and Tyler can definitely get cooking, but a kids cooking challenge with Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri on the Food Network? How cool is that??  Tyler was cast in a fun commercial to promote a special Food Network Event called Rachael vs. Guy Kids Cookoff.  8 kids, with some serious cooking skills, battle it out in the kitchen for a chance to have their very own webseries on the Food Network's website. Awesome, huh?  Check out Tyler dressed up as chef and Food Network personality Guy Fieri!  Don't you love the hair!??  Watch the commercial and check out behind-the-scenes photos below and make sure to tune into the show on September 8th at 8pm! It's a great way to show kids that if they pursue what they love, they can do anything.

rachael vs guy3

Rachael v Guy BTS2

Rachael v Guy BTS1

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 9.40.19 PM

MOMMY MONDAY: The Little Style File

HAPPY MOMMY MONDAY! Every other week I feature a mommy entrepreneur WHO ROCKS!  This week, I am ecstatic to feature Betsy Burt-Breuer of THE LITTLE STYLE FILE.  If you haven't checked out this kids fashion blog, you're missing out! With great fashion finds for kids in posts like this one and tons of giveaways, its THE place to be to keep your kids in style! 

Featuring Betsy on Mommy Monday was a no-brainer! Not only is she a great mom-preneur because took on a partner and moved from one very successful blog to another seamlessly (learn about it below), she is also a huge supportor of other mom-preneurs like me.  It was Betsy's idea for a fun street style video series with Tristin and Tyler on The Little Style File! Betsy has been amazing at supporting what we do, so I am SUPER excited to support her as well! Make sure to go to her site here, and subscribe to her blog!

Learn more about this mama on the move below!  Take some notes, ladies!


1. When did your love of fashion for kids begin?

My love for fashion started at a very young age. I have vivid memories of shopping with
my mom at the age of 4 and telling her what I wanted to wear. I was styling
my neighbor at the age of 7. I was a fashion merchandising major but didn't realize
my true love for kids fashion until I was pregnant with Mia! I remember searching
on the internet and finding the most adorable clothing for her. I was hooked!

2. How did you turn your love into a platform that people love?

Coolkids really happened all on a whim. I had no plan or agenda. In March of 2010
I realized I needed a creative outlet. I started the Coolkids blog.

3. You moved from the Coolkids blog to The Little Style File. What advice can you give to people
who want to change up their platform or strategy in business?

Focus on what you love. I love blogging but it is the passion for kids clothing and
products that really make it all worth it. Being a stay at home mom to a 2 year old
and 5 year old is tough but it is rewarding having a creative outlet that makes me
happy. Juggling it all can be super hard! My business partner, Kristin Cheuvront
is wonderful. It is awesome to have someone to support you, bounce off ideas on
and be your strength when you are having a bad day! Kristin and I make a
great team and that is what has made The Little Style File!

4. Describe your kids' style in two words!

Two words? That is hard! Dylan has become my little Rocker boy! Mia has a sassy preppy look.

5. Describe your business style in one word!

6. What's the most versatile piece of clothing your kids own?
For Mia a cute denim mini is essential for every season! She can wear it with
about just anything in her closet! For Dylan a great pair of jeans is essential.
For boys jeans I adore H & M.

7. Whats the best part about working on TLSF? What would you change?
The best part of working on TLSF is one that surprised me, sharing the experience with my kids!
I also have been lucky to be blessed with a wonderful partner and friend. Our kids
have a special bond and it is always fun seeing them appear in videos and posts on
TLSF. It is also great to connect with wonderful brands, public relations
representatives, followers on the blog, Facebook and Twitter!

Whatcha think? Do you love Betsy and The Little Style File as much as we do?  I thought so! :) 

Have a mom you think we be great to feature on Mommy Monday? Let me know! Email me at

MOMMY MONDAY: Babiekins Magazine!!

Its MOMMY MONDAY! Every two weeks I feature mommy entrepreneurs (Mom-Preneurs) WHO ROCK!This week, check out an inspirational mother of two from California who started a fashion magazine
for kids! We're talking to Priscila Barros editor of Babiekins Magazine!!

You want kids fashion? Check! Kids decor ideas? Check! The magazine is full of gorgeousness for kids of all ages. I am so excited to feature Priscila on Mommy Monday because I have seen her grow tremendously over the last two years and growth, inspiration and love for kids is exactly what Mommy Monday is ALL about!

Wanna learn more about Priscila? READ ON!

1. Why did you start Babiekins Magazine?
I went to school for fashion design but after having my first son my focus on my own
shifted from me to my little one. I was constantly looking for toys and clothes and
anything amazing for him and thought that other mothers would benefit from having a
place where they could find all things amazing for kids- in one place!

2. What's the best part about doing the magazine?
I really love creating. There is always something fun that my team and I come up
with and its so rewarding to be able to plan shoots and concepts and then see them
being carried out. I also love to see people from all over the world enjoying the
magazine because that was one of the main things I wanted when I started Babiekins.
I didn't want Babiekins audience to be focused on just one place. So its really fun
to get emails in other languages, blog posts from people in other countries, shops
and designers from all over the globe telling me how much they enjoy the magazine.

3. If you could have a second job in the magazine, what would it be? Why?
Probably a stylist because I love fashion and the Babiekins team works well together
anyway. We are always bring props, helping each other on looks at the photo shoots
(adding things/taking away things) so it's something I already help with and love. I
think we might have one of the best stylist (Heather Rome) and shes kinda that
person that finishes my sentences ...we really get each other and its so nice to
work with her at the shoots.

4. What's your favorite feature in the magazine to date?
I like our eye spy feature that we put in front of every issue because it was such a
fun and original idea and helps the kids who read the magazine with their parents
get engaged.



5. What's the hardest part about working on the magazine and being a mom? How do you balance it all?
The balancing act is super hard and I don't know when I'll get the hang of it. I
think as woman we kinda just live learning to balance things. How else can we be
moms and business woman and wives and everything else? Its hard! I try to not work
on the weekends, make sure that I spend the precious time with my kids like reading
books before bed and doing little crafts. My kids are super into Babiekins and
always are thinking of shoot concepts. HA! Its super cute.


6. Give me two words to describe your boys' style
Casual vintage

7. Whats next for Babiekins?
Print! So super excited about going to print. It's really step in this journey we
are in and we have been very happy with the reaction to big distributor stores like
Barns and Noble who just loved it! The issue is going to be amazing! We have
amazing photographers on board for it and a lot of unique and cute little features!

Make sure to check out the latest of Babiekins Magazine here! You won't be dissapointed!

Do you know a Mom-preneur who ROCKS? Talk to me, I might feature them on MOMMY MONDAY!


MOMMY MONDAY: The Baby Shopaholic

You know I love shopping for Tristin and Tyler, why just take a look at my last"Tristin and Tyler's Threads" post here! BUT, I don't think I can top my friend
Trina of The Baby Shopaholic! This mama of gorgeous little Peyton, is
addicted to shopping --- hence the name of her blog -- but boy does she find some
amazing items! From giveaways, to the hottest events in Atlanta, Trina has it all covered on
The Baby Shopaholic blog!

I am very happy to feature Trina on MOMMY MONDAY because her blog ROCKS and her readers
keep commenting and coming back to check out what she finds next (I being one of them).

Whether it's shoes for herself, or new trendy duds for Peyton, she has such effortless style and her

makeup is always perfect! How does she do that??

Check out my interview with Trina below! And make sure to visit her each week here!

1. Why did you start The Baby Shopaholic blog?

As soon as I found out I was having a girl I started going to town
shopping! She had a closet full of clothes and shoes before she was born.
I wanted to share the fabulous outfits I put her in with family and
friends. Rather than just texting and emailing pictures I started a blog.

2. What are your tips for juggling posting regularly, looking fabulous,
being a mom and a wife!

Line up as many posts as you can on Sunday! Then you don’t feel
overwhelemed each day to comeup with a new post.

My husband is very supportive of The Baby Shopaholic so we go over our
schedules to make sure one of us can take care of Peyton with our busy

As far as looking fabulous, invest in a great concealer! I work off of
little sleep and concealer keeps me from scaring people.

3. Describe Peyton's Style in two words!

Playful Chic

4. Describe your style in one word!

Aw man, just one? Classic Modern (mix of both).

5. If you were going on vacation to an exotic island and could only bring
one pair of shoes, which would you bring and why?

One pair? That would be hard! That's like asking me to bring one pair of
underwear! I guess it will be my black (as if I have multiple) Christian
Louboutins. Classic and would go with everything.

6. How do you choose who or what brands/events you promote on the blog?

I only share items that I buy or would buy and love and that I think my
readers would love as well! I have met so many beautiful people since blogging (Like
Tristin and Tyler’s mom) and I love to tell others about them.

7. Whats the best part about working on the blog? Whats up next for you?

Blogging gives me a much needed creative outlet! The Baby Shopaholic
allows me to combine my beautiful baby girl and fashion! You can’t get
better then that!

I have big plans for The Baby Shopaholic! I will be hosting some
fabulous events, styling, and working with non-profits that support
children in need.



Do you love her? Me too!!

Know of any mamas you think deserve some MOMMY MONDAY love?  Let me know!

It's Mommy Monday, so CELEBRATE GREEN!

YAY FOR MOMMY MONDAY! It's my day to feature mom-preneurs WHO ROCK!
This week I am featuring TWO mommies, yes TWO!  Meet my good friends Lynn and Corey,
the fabulous mother and daughter team from Celebrate Green!

Celebrate Green is more than just an informative blog, its a book, website and well, a lifestyle! Lynn and Corey's goal is to help people "green up their celebrations." So these ladies show families "that learning to be green during holidays and celebrations can be easy, affordable and fun for the whole family."  I am so excited to feature these ladies because not only are they supremely informative, and super innovative (have you checked out Green Halloween? Superb idea), they are the SWEETEST gals around!  

Learn so much more about these rockin' mom-preneuers on an eco-mission by checking out my interview with them below!

1. Why did you start Celebrate Green? We couldn't help ourselves! No, seriously, the website came about as a result of our book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family. We had to cut 50 pages from the book before publication and we knew we had so many other ideas to inspire people to celebrate in more Earth-friendly ways than the book could hold. A website and blog were perfect for us because we could continually update as we learned and grew in our own experience and share ideas, tips and everything else, with anyone and everyone who might be interested. It also presented a way for us to interact with others in the green community, get their input, and share their ideas too.

2. What's the hardest part about running the site and a family? We each have our own unique challenges. For Corey, “balancing” life running Celebrate Green, Green Halloween and her private-practice, as well as being “Mommy” to two school-aged kids, means that every day can feel like life played on fast-forward (with the William Tell Overture as the theme music!). Lynn is better with the whole balance thing, but finds it more of a challenge to spend time with her grandkids, craft, volunteer, go camping, exercise, spend time with her husband and do all the other things she enjoys so much.


3. What do the kids like about your business? Corey’s kids are proud of having a Mommy and Grandma (“Abba”) that are working hard to make the world a better place. Growing up in a green-minded home means that they “get” why we do what we do, and they often come up with ideas of their own for crafts, activities, recipes, and more. Finley will say, “Hey mom! Look what I made out of this old sock. You should put it on Twitter!” Zoe likes to contribute ideas for videos and came up with the concept of ending each one with, “…. Now that’s celebrating green.” They also like getting to sample and try all of the new green kids products that come to us for review.

4. What's up Next for the dynamic duo? There continue to be so many possibilities for us. We're excited about the potential for developing apps, doing a lot more video and TV, writing more books, releasing Celebrate Green! in e-book format etc. However, the issue is (and always has been), how do we use our time to generate the best return. Although we can accomplish more in an hour than most people can in a day, even we have our limits. And honestly, during 2011, we exceeded them! So we're spending time in the early part of 2012 evaluating everything we're doing and might do, and will be making some important choices over the next six months. And when we do, you'll be the first to know!

5. Use two words to describe your business style? As a mother-daughter team, we’re a good “fit” because we have different business styles. Lynn is all about the “new” and has an innovative idea or solution about every 0.67 seconds. She comes from a corporate background, so she has vast business acumen, but she’s also been around long enough to hone her own way of doing things. Corey is both detailed oriented and takes a big-picture view. She has less business experience, but a lot of intuitive savvy. Her talents lie in strategy, leadership, partnerships and research. Corey tends to be all business, Lynn tends to be all fun. Together we make it work!

6. Whats the most important eco issue in your eyes? Boy, it’s hard to pick just one when there are so many. The rate at which we’re consuming the Earth’s resources? The toxins in our air and water? Climate change? All are equally important, and all interconnected. That’s why we do what we can to inspire change through simple, practical, affordable (and fun!) actions. That’s also why our primary audience is moms. Moms make 80% of the buying decisions, 80% of the family healthcare decisions and similar percentages of decisions about family traditions, travel, you name it. It’s moms who hold the power and possibility of change.

If you don't know these ladies yet, get to know them! Visit Celebrate Green and learn how to celebrate the eco-friendly way! If you can celebrate in a way that help's the earth, why not do it?


Mommy Monday: Darling Clementine

It's Mommy Monday - my day to feature mom-preneurs who totally ROCK! This week, check out one of my fav online shops for kids, Brooklyn-based Darling Clementine. Ran by mom-preneur Lindsay Meyer-Harley, Darling Clementine is the go to shop for unique finds for little ones!  

I just had to feature Lindsay. Darling Clementine boasts a curated collection of stylish finds for kids ranging from eco-friendly toys to super stylish duds! Adorable finds that are eco-conscious? Darling Clementine is totally my kind of shop! Check out our interview with Lindsay below and check out some SUPER cute photos of her daughter Juliette - boy is she a little fashionista!

Why did you start your Darling Clementine?

I started Darling Clementine because I couldn't stop myself! I just adore children's style and love the ability kids have to really wear what they want! Of course it's parents in most cases choosing the items from clothing to toys to books, but I think that's what makes Darling Clementine special, these items appeal to both the adult and the child.

Why did you decide to include eco-friendly items in the shop?

Oh this was a no brainer. I started an eco-chic lifestyle blog years ago, Urban Branches which focused on the living the eco lifestyle while living in big city. Being kind to the planet we live on is a lifestyle we should all be living. I can't say that everything I sell is eco-friendly, or that everything I do is either, but it's at the core of by beliefs to put the planet first. I do include companies with brilliant products that might not be conventionally eco friendly, but they might do other things like produce locally, package in reusable materials and use non-toxic ingredients.

What's your favorite part about living in NYC with Juliette?

The vibrancy of the city, the diversity, the face on any given day Juliette hears many different languages, sees people of many backgrounds and can enjoy food from around the world. The world is a big place, and I want her to be aware of that reality. Plus the city offers so much for kids, you just gotta dig around a bit, get out of the indoor playrooms and get out there!

What's your favorite brand you sell in the shop?

Oh gosh, what a question! If I had to narrow down a few choices, I would say...I absolutely adore all the animals from Hazel Village and I can't get enough of the Atsuyo et Akiko tees for kids. I want them all in my size!

Give us one word to describe Juliette's style?

Subtly Bohemian (ok that's 2 words!)

Wasn't it cool learning more about Lindsay? She is so fab!  Make sure to check out her online shop for some fun winter wear, here and organic wear on sale here

Happy Monday!